Day goes straight towards affection of a thousand li to confuse city of West Hun
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West Hunan, that is my dream fetch pulls the place that circle, the long holiday that ever was in for many times is driven oneself swim in the plan, the journey's end that West Hunan labels me, because a variety of reasons fail,embark on a journey only. Arisen times is done not have in Internet, the beauty of West Hunan, can go down from the pen of writer Shen Congwen only fine fine associate and savour. Shen Congwen is in his masterpiece " border town " in, with him that is special some, light and exquisite tone, described a such West Hunan to us: "Cross Hunan by Sichuan, lean east have a Guan Lu. This official road near West Hunan border land reached a place the name is ' tea cave ' when hill city, have one creek, brook edge has a white turret, the tower left an alone family. This other people an old person, a girl, a yellow dog... small stream goes down, the 岨 that circle hill flows, about 3 lis collect tea cave great river. If the person crosses a brook to jump over hill to go, criterion a li of road arrived by the side of tea cave city. Brook is like arch one's back, hill road is like Gong Xian, reason far and near had little difference. Brook is wide about 20 a unit of length, riverbed is big stone consummate. Silent river water namely or cannot fall greatly to one punt-pole bottom, however still clear and transparent, it is all OK that fish of river middle reaches will go computation. Tea cave place depends on hill fortification by water, close hill one side, the city wall solemns to grow a snake like, predestined relationship hill climbs. The one side that face water is in suburban leeway of river side put apart establishs commercial and transportation center, boat of bay berth small covering or awning on a car. Each dock have permeate street of a river, family room lands more, the half is in water, because margin is narrow, those house there's no one who doesn't or isn't set condole foot floor. " building of foot of boat of road of the brook of the description in article, hill, city wall, white tower, sail, condole, stone arch bridge and that tirelessly the love story that come, to the person one kind says not clear, the verve with unidentified path, a kind of very absorbing verve.

Later, internet is arisen, travel rich guest lets everybody share have a good swim of the world satisfied, from inside those pictures, I saw that river street go up, the Tujia nationality that house " land more, the half is in water, because margin is narrow, those house there's no one who doesn't or isn't set condole foot floor " , saw the red lantern on those buildings, brook banishs the sail boat on and old person, green flag is street the young timber floor of both sides... West Hunan, phoenix city, as me what like to loaf about everywhere for, this is born not to experience that verve personally, still calculate on " wonderful woman " ? Go up at the beginning of the month, with the friend Mr Huang is away on official business partly, travel partly, drive his black wide Ben Yage, set foot on those who go to West Hunan is itinerary.
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