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Dragon backbone terraced field (on August 18)

What saw 110M column Liu Xiang midday is dim exit, sadness is set foot on regretfully again itinerary. Destination is Guilin northwest terraced field of the Yao nationality of the golden pit of the countryside of peace of Long Sheng county of 90 much kilometers, Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County, all the way the car is little, reach scene area very quickly, the likelihood is not busy season, allow to drive enter scene area, what transfer less is troublesome.

This " Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County " terraced fields lets person couplet remember 60 time " industry learns Daqing, agriculture to learn Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County " the great appeal, agriculture with in full swing produces motion. But was searched on the net, actually that Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County is Shanxi, yuan of generation can be here begin to reclaim terraced fields, 800 old histories. Xiang Dashan wants food, how great wisdom and perseverance, here does not have mechanization agriculture to produce, complete labor power, see the terraced fields paddy that overflows hill, can imagine piece working is how hardships, magnificent sight is the course comes hundreds of years, the laborious of N acting person moves those who change with one's shoulder to collar, admire really, astonish. Into stockaded village entrance ticket 50, live farmhouse lodges for the night 30, do not calculate expensive.

Predict, hope old day gives a blue sky Bai Yun, do not let my feel disappointed.

The most beautiful is June here fill water and mid-autumn bumper harvest when, I prefer all over the mountains and plains a golden effect, those who come is not moment, regretful.
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