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Time: On August 9
Area: Fujian Longyan
Incident: Field bonfire evening party
The task: Group of university diehard followers 26 people
Problem: Why to leave in 8 days?
Reply: Want to see Olympic Games opening ceremony 8 night
Ah, I this Laoban is long, be asked to plan a program, logistics works, of course, a few brothers gave me help.
Afternoon at 4 o'clock, go receiving assistant squad leader first
My big honour by mount N much goods, assistant team leader goes up in village road loot my car, say to wantHttp://

I discover the wife won't drive inherently, assistant squad leader is so a person, after getting off, feel to turning a back mouth of assist of He Taomu interior trim is incessant, if know the engine of the car is of V6, I am afraid that engine can be torn open by her. . .
Meet with the Laoyang of Inner Mongolia, of Laoyang black horse amount to, what to know mothball box was installed? You are guessed, think ~ toward the prairie


Arrive at a seaside, come first Zhang Tu


Begin subgroup body activity, do not have different with the university, some things won't be changed because of time. . . Many classmates still brought the child

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