Prairie of Hu Lunbei Er is driven 9 days oneself swim
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1, the journey and charge. We are whole the journey 4800 kilometers, fat fee probably 2400 much, pass by is expended 700 much. 3 people expenditure is less than 9000 yuan. If the 3rd, journey of 4 days is amalgamative, can play one day in Eergunaduo.

2, good homework should be done before setting out, answer to each tourist attractions more understanding. Should buy a newest detailed map.

3, GPS PDA dependability is poorer, among them one does not have report, cannot work. Inside the car with narrow space, power source is received outside using, appear very messy. Map of pilfer edition electron, a lot of new ways do not have line out.

4, certificate should be taken neat, the child should carry student's identification card, tourist attraction entrance ticket can have privilege.

5, cheer gas station of the oil in must choosing, remnant when half box is oily, must look for an opportunity to add full gasoline tank.

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