Hill of Xiamen fierce exterminate is driven oneself swim
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Northerner chooses to go to Hua Na area, drive to work hard quite oneself, but beforehand course seeks advice, go out in place row, go smoothing toward fierce especially hill, own a property quite the private car of beautiful, can bring many convenience. Remember certainly: Should take highway of a China to drive map. Had it all the way, we will do not have the feeling that did not know outlet absently. It is spring Fujian only still rainy, car travel arrives Fujian churchyard, it is hill road mostly, speed does not want too fast, safety of go on a journey is important. We arrive from Tianjin Fujian, drive by turns all the way, service division is made a bit rest, drove 18 hours.

The chill of northward firm firm retire March, xiamen has been greenery of in relief smooth beautiful safflower. Mu Ming and go rousing billow island, but the sense is common. Sit ferry arrives island bosomy billow, large ship wants 2 yuan of money only each. Perhaps be the tourist is too much in recent years, destroyed original beauty, had mixed on the island common small town does not have different, very mixed and disorderly. A lot of faker sell local speciality is tasted with travel souvenir, these things also have mostly on market. Have a kind of label that uses coconut shell make it, very the bamboo hat that wears like Nanhai girl, it is some characteristic, do manual work is delicate also, taking take instead have model each, price 10 ~ differ 20 yuan. Like to need not be eager to buying, more than a booth orders sale. Ask a price 10 yuan OK and redemptive two. As to the rest that sell special local product need not be bought, taking heavy do not say, the price also not be to one's profit, return Xiamen city, have in the supermarket.

Compared with island bosomy billow, the scenery of annulus island road is more delightful. Can appreciate sea day here monochromatic, gules kapok is accompanying charm of coconut wind sea, ability is true Xiamen here. Driving a car especially, blowing sea wind, the music in the car is rising and falling, deserve appreciation than rousing billow island. This can be the place with motherland the closest from Taiwan mainland, naked eye can see small golden gate. Have time, can take a ship, nearby of small Jinmen Islands is in very close.

The accommodation of Xiamen is not expensive, live in island bosomy billow to have 100 yuan / the house price of the day, the condition is pretty good. Everything needed is ready of hot water, TV. It is south compares moisture only, one winter not heating, tide is compared in house, northerner lives or feel a bit cold, get than the warmth inside house outdoor much.

The meal of Xiamen has littoral distinguishing feature very much, seafood is everywhere, OK still oneself buy seafood to seek treatment of the counterjumper inside inn, but good value should question when buying, some fish are looked at do not calculate an eye, but but rare fish is planted, the price is very high, eat to pay the bill not be to one's profit, major common seafood is dog-cheap. Tianjin also is coastal, arrived Xiamen, still have many sea products I do not make famous word, and not expensive. Go up in seaside beach in the evening, have a lot of gear, far do not disturb a guest. Choose course, face wine on the beach wind, face bright month high above in the sky, ocean wave takes a bank, it is to enjoy very. Remind: Want to drink a bit alcohol, eat seafood to blow sea wind again otherwise, of easy bad abdomen.
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