Drive oneself swim Fujian
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One, the journey

D1: The ground of treasure of world double bequest that heads for beautiful shell southeast " Wu Yi hill " (about 4 hours) . Old: Fierce exterminate hill (Fujian north area)

D2: Scenery of national 4A class is visited after breakfast scenic spot area, the most pleasant stage that has interest of fontal stone weather alone " cliff of roars of a tiger " , Tian Chengchan courtyard, not billow boat

Cloud of the bridge that decide a fate, collect closes, belt of slope celestial being, language pavilion of day of spring, a gleam of, wind tunnel, immortal, Tian Xinming month, Shi Menyan; Take afternoon form

9 brooks of type of primitive simplicity are seaborne, view and admire Wu Yiqun on the way peak beautiful scenery, listen attentively to balsa labour to tell about tirelessly ancient street of moving folktale, imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface,

House of acting celebrity of 10 thousand Chun Yuan, the Song Dynasty. Old: Fierce exterminate hill (Fujian north area)

D3: Those who be located in 6 brooks north is visit after breakfast " day You Feng " scene area, its stand like a wall is 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, topping group over the peak, do not face a brook and can use up 9

get the better of, this peak originallies should the first also, garden of You Ge of the peak of screen of hole of cloud nest, tea, concealed, peak that receive bamboo shoot, cliff that bask in cloth, day, Zhu Xi; Lunch hind is headed for

Have southeast culture famous city say " always install " (about 6 hours) . Old: Always install (Fujian on the west area)

D4: Song Chaozai is browsed after breakfast Yu Yue of Xiang Ligang poem " Xiaowu of Yuan Shaxi of a hunderd li spelling Lv smooths " name of tourist attraction of national 4A class get the better of an area, peach source hole,

Its collect " strange, beautiful, absolutely, deep and remote, danger " landscape, have representative tourist attraction most " day of a gleam of " , chinese meal is tasted authentic always install gust fastfood

Reach element to have " Fujian small Guilin " , dimensions is next to famous " Yunnan stone forest " the scale concealed stone forest of the tourist attraction, go to after even the city (about 1.5

Hour)   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of       is old: Connect a city (Fujian on the west area)

D5: The country is visited after breakfast first 4A class scenery scenic spot area, lake of door of hill of coronal insect without feet, stone, the male show of its scenery can be rivalled with photograph of Wu Yi hill,

There is stone door lake of halcyon inside the insect without feet austral exterminate having north, area, magnificent and hill of red of green jade water, comely, have " open firm the world the first, Yinrou all over the world
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