During the Olympic Games only even numbers " swim one day " the journey is recom
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Carry out to ensure the consummation of the Olympic Games is held as Beijing " only even numbers " carry out, a lot of drive oneself the citizen travels to going out but one day goes there and back to show nervousness slightly, and be determined hard to walk out of a door, actually Beijing outskirt has a lot of pretty good scene areas to be able to satisfy the desire that everybody swims one day, offer a few one day to parade Cheng consults for everybody now.

One, conciliatory water Great Wall

Scene area introduces:

Area of travel of Great Wall of water of Beijing chrysanthemum town is located in Beijing conciliatory churchyard, be apart from Beijing area 65 kilometers, celebrated with surprising, with beautiful for characteristic, the travel that water of green hill of be in harmony, green jade, ancient Great Wall is an organic whole is recreational resort, it is Beijing outskirt first-rate cool and refreshing be away for the summer holidays, loosen body and mind, recreational go vacationing place, wind of exterior having stuff, Changjiang Delta all is in the beauty of water Great Wall praise.

Course of drive a vehicle:

Beijing bear high speed -- Beijing bear high speed arrives " boreal stand way " (13 exit) give high speed, see the 2nd or left-hand rotation of the 3rd traffic light goes continuously, toward travel of the 9 direction that cross a river, hint according to scene division road sign on the way can arrive. (Whole journey needs the left and right sides 2.5 hours about)


(1) visits bright Great Wall, reservoir large dams, piscine form island

(2) wanders Hei Longtan, admire bright generation bright lake admires You Hao of the Chinese chestnut garden, free that take a boat the Great Wall in marvellous spectacle water.

(3) lunch; But picnic of proper motion barbecue or in the have dinner inside scene area restaurant, (Day scene area has Saturday bake leg of the complete sheep, sheep that bake, flesh to string together, fish of wing of board muscle, flesh muscle, chicken, reservoir, bake the) such as the small fish, corn that bake.

(Gorge of branch of return big bank reachs 4) afternoon Great Wall of chrysanthemum town water

2, the Jin Haihu that make the same score cereal

Scene area introduces:

Travel of golden sea lake goes vacationing the area is located in smooth cereal county east 18 kilometers place, be apart from 85 kilometers of Beijing, belong to suburb park, it is the summer resort with Beijing god-given outskirt.


From Beijing east straight door arrives scene area, the journey 85 kilometers, visit capital mark of on the way of suitable, suitable calm quick way is nonstop; Have nearly 30 gas station on the way, need 1.5 hours.

3, close cloud is cool and refreshing cereal

Tourist attraction introduction:

Area of scene of cool and refreshing cereal is located in town of stone of county of Beijing close cloud 4 close hall area, be apart from 110 kilometers of Beijing, here is located in north of the Great Wall, the cloud cheats hill shade slope, it by waterfall of pearl of cool and refreshing cereal, 1000 feet two much are comprised, the white river water with ceaseless all the year round from scene area had flowed before the door, individual situation and environment formed here cool climate, it is the good place that midsummer is away for the summer holidays.
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