Ruminate arrives Xiamen
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Ruminate arrives Xiamen

Xiamen is a beautiful travel city not only, and the cate that still has a lot of distinguishing feature, this although we are to trot along on horseback view is beautiful, but also harvest really many.

We are this drive oneself from river door of Xiamen, in the morning 8: 00 set out, afternoon 5: 00 to Xiamen, in the hotel Zhongshan road reachs after resting a little -- the shopping mall with the most lively Xiamen.

Shopping mall and other city do not have different, but there is boiling water of earthnut of Huang Zehe of old name of a China on Zhongshan road, all circles does his utmost to recommend, we also should try of course.

Huang Zehe holds Zhongshan crossing, very conspicuous, very lively also, poll emerges, cry out sound blast.

Huang Zehe still is maintaining traditional management pattern, preemptive ticket, hind according to him be fond of, let a clerk do, full of beautiful things in eyes of mug-up of blast of Li of sea of face of earthnut soup, sanded tea, clear soup face, decoct, various decoct, ren Jun chooses, the clerk drips with sweat, one the luck to eat sth delicious builds a word, cry out is worn, indeed lively and extraordinary, see this manner, be like hands or feet to be nodded slow really, be afraid of be done not have so that eat.

We also round of assault, nodded zhongzi of Li of sea of face of earthnut soup, sanded tea, clear soup face, decoct, flesh, still have too much fastfood, it is to do not have method to digest really nevertheless, can be only such.

The person is heated up again more, environment not how, want purposely to sit bit longer be no good. After eating hurriedly, feel a bit disappointed, by the earthnut soup of praise highly, it is our earthnut syrup, it is earthnut bubble only very soft, very general, sanded tea face, clear soup face, hot not hot, likelihood taste is different, feel the open waters side that does not have us is good. Zhongzi with respect to prep let alone, fat is insufficient, polished glutinous rice is not quite ropy.

Summary rises, very general, the environment is general, manufacture general also, manage the pattern that still keeps very traditional namely, look or cannot too superstitious old name, still derive from personal 搵 to be fed!

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