Broader policy implications of second-hand car prices used car depreciation lo
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Used cars for sale in their hands a new car, first time for many users are consumers of the hands of second-hand car is often a lack of accurate measure of value, causing the price gap between expected and actual market prices higher, not to miss the most good selling opportunity, that is, lower prices lead to a greater loss of the sale, experts remind consumers, the main depreciation losses when selling cars mainly in the following five areas: New car prices Indirect loss of significant depreciation Since the constant introduction of new models and fierce competition between car brands and many models are constantly shrinking prices, such as price of 26 million around 2004, the Buick Regal, Guangzhou Honda cars in this class type of new cars are now selling prices of basic to 22 million, two-year losses of up to 4 million new car prices, that is, the value was about 15% of new cars. The same price of 15 million in 2004 Elantra, Excelle and other models are priced about 11 million, indirect losses of 4 million, representing about 26% of new car value. There are also a higher percentage of price models, some models even two years the value of the depreciation accounted for 50% of new cars, such cases as the 2002 car after the loss of the largest sources of user, so once again choose a new We recommend choosing the car when the high brand reputation, reasonable price, the price is relatively stable models. Collision Loss can not be ignored After the collision what is the loss of the vehicle? Assessment of the situation for the vehicle key is to look at key parts of the state, such as chassis, engine, gearbox, electronic control equipment, damage to the vehicle will generate more than 10% of the loss, serious injury may result in the loss of more than 30%. Rub cut in general for vehicle depreciation and replacement of parts is not great. Time on maintenance is not the damage caused by non-professional should be attention. Procedures for complete vehicles Determine the basic value of the vehicle Assessment of the current vehicle owners tend to focus only on the vehicle condition, ignoring the procedures for the integrity of the vehicle. Such as vehicle registration certificates, driving this, inspection, violation, road maintenance, the purchase of additional fees, insurance, invoices and so would have resulted in a loss of vehicles, such as the normal value of the vehicle owner has a 4 million, but due to track maintenance for 3 years without pay fees, pay a fine of 5,000 yuan, the actual value of the vehicle is 35,000 yuan, consumers should pay particular attention to such cases. Policy changes Used car prices affect the broader market Government in relation to the vehicle environmental, safety, and other requirements are increasingly stringent, such as environmental protection rating of vehicles, OBD systems, vehicle safety standards, which are virtually brought to influence the value of used cars, such as the carburetor cars in Beijing type since 2003 despite a slight ups and downs, but overall price trend is clear. Expected to affect government policy will continue to used car prices, so when the sale of used cars must be good policy factors into account, as much as possible before the sale of the vehicle in the policy change. Follow-up costs can not be ignored Also bought in 2003 Two of 100,000 yuan models, a sale price about 6 million, the other a only 3 million, net of other factors Xinju prices, a factor which is often ignored consumers, That is the cost of subsequent use of vehicles, such as depreciation of imported cars is slightly higher relative to domestic cars, the reason is that the vehicle spare parts and maintenance costs higher and higher insurance costs the same, relatively narrow and therefore causing people to buy faster depreciation. To change the time, many users tend to emphasize the sale of used vehicles subjective "at prices of new cars and the use of the situation", but ignores the actual market price and the current new car prices, causing serious buyers and sellers of information asymmetry, However, we believe that had the first experience and industry more and more standardized, consumer psychology used car for sale can be more balanced.