Status of second-hand car market in Guangzhou at the most popular cars
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Even just bought a new car one day, as long as the day moved into the used-car market will become a second income absolutely cars, and the price of basic fallen by 5% immediately, so what car used car market has become more hedge prospective owners should consider purchasing the beginning of a problem. Of course, different models in different cities hedge ratio is not the same, of course, Japanese cars in Guangzhou, most hedge against inflation. Polly senior appraiser used car Jie Sun Mingxia told reporters that most hedge used-car market are Japanese cars. From the model point of view, due to the current period of the Guangzhou Asian Games, so some of MPV models will be more valuable, for example, accounted for the Honda Odyssey ranked first in seven and not too fuel, the price is not expensive, widely popular. Secondly, MPV is also more in the JAC Refine hedge, is again Jinbei. Other models because the price is extremely high, so difficult to sell. Ranking in the car, A00 level of the top three are: Kwong Fung Yaris, SAIC-GM Chevrolet Spark, the new Alto; A0-class top three is Li Wei, Fit hatchback and the new POLO; A The first three levels are all Japanese cars are: FAW Toyota Corolla, Dongfeng Honda Civic, Nissan Tiida. B, C, D are three levels of the top three are: Accord, A4, BMW 3 Series, Audi A6L, imports of Mercedes-Benz E Class, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz S Class, Audi A8L, BMW 7 Series. In addition to access to the most low-end Accord Class B first three, the remaining 8 seats for the three major German luxury brand monopoly. SUV rankings, CR-V ranked first, followed by a good sell more Mercedes-Benz M-class and a Porsche Cayenne. In addition, the general preservation of the cars from 4 to 5 days will sell out, poor preservation rate is hard to say, depending on customer requirements. In addition, car, SUV, MPV three types of car, what kind of relative preservation in the used car market, which type is relatively easy to sell it? Second-hand car business the answer is, in general, cars are compared against inflation, because the public can accept its cheaper fuel and less popular, it is more preservation, but also easy to sell. In addition, the line for odd-even rule, outside the car into the source of second-hand car market car less, but also by psychological factors, some of those who intend to buy a car now in a wait state, so naturally a lot less potential customers, in this the previous time period as the peak season is indeed affected not small.