Seize the opportunities of the domestic car market in the important second-han
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Known as China into the car from the 2000 to the present time, we inevitably ushered in the second-hand car market peak. 2004, used cars for three consecutive years up to 30% growth rate, with which is accompanied by new car prices and profit margins continue to increasingly compressed, second-hand car market which is rapidly becoming a new growth vehicle practitioners point. However, the attendant, as the lack of relevant laws, which result in non-standard market shady consumers complain incessantly, and the focus of conflicts is no doubt that second-hand car dealer quotes fell not real, do not tell the truth on to the whole domestic market, the integrity of second-hand car put a big question mark. Then establish a credible second-hand car trading platform is not only the needs of the market is the voice of consumers, far-sighted second-hand car service must be aware of - has the leading ideas and rules are the first to establish a benchmark for second-hand car market the only way. Now in the second-hand car market, the relatively more advanced model is selling cars to the auction method, which is now all the more commonly used term "film car." The current auction model can be divided into three categories: field auction, online auction, the wireless auction. Journalists also experience the special unannounced visits to several different auctions this way. But is life like, really only have a say after the experience, so it is understandable why the majority of consumers referred to second-hand car market there shaking his head like a bitter frown. Organization intended to auction the auction to get through and can reflect the relatively high prices of market dynamics, but in the case of lack of supervision mechanisms, are often counterproductive: News is reflected in the auction field, making the car buyers in most of only a dozen or so buyers can easily result in collusion, collusive prices down situation. Organized used car auction service providers, often are not binding on those vendors and regulatory measures. Is a network of auction again, more out of the question of control of the buyer, the auction process itself opaque and secret operations in serious condition, so many consumers are just hanging on the vehicle in a case as a multi channel, while the real through an online auction very few transactions. In addition, the many shortcomings of the traditional cattle market, it is needless to say, I believe there have been second-hand cars and experienced users have faced this angry: Che Fanzi collusion together, deliberately suppressing the price of individual users, without their free and swindling. In essence, reason is that these trade patterns also did not proceed from the market, there is no comprehensive system of rules based. Used car business is to make the difference for the purpose of service to the prices of the commission is based on the additional business the most profitable black-hearted pursuit of popular causes. The industry itself is the lack of standardized testing standards, especially for replacement parts have had a vehicle accident or business, bids uncompromising, no one rational, consumers have no basis, can not do anything, trampled. In the reporter's interview process, the deepest feelings, many consumers believe that in today's used car market regulation law, moral constraints, they were not, and an advanced trading system more effective occasion. The real-time, public information, the trading system has become the most obvious features. Even more surprising news is that many consumers actually are successful selling cars spontaneously mentioned the transfer chain to open a new "wireless auction" mode. With doubt, as evidenced by unannounced visits by journalists in various ways, hoping to find open new know-how to seize the market. Ultimately concluded that open a new "wireless auction" has emboldened a win in the capital for businesses to tell the truth, at net price. Open a new auction rules are the world famous Nobel Prize winner Professor Vickery's auction rules-based, encourage the business by telling the truth, reported net price to get the maximum benefit. Non-interfering way sealed auction, the auction site to avoid collusion between the buyer, the phenomenon of collusion offer, quotes, vehicle speed and the auto market more objectively reflect the real dynamics; auction the highest bidder in the rules themselves must choose out of ways to automatically No strength of the buyer to achieve powerful car commercial sources such as tilt, make you want to receive from another angle, the car business to tell the truth, at net price. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the opening of new wireless auction is also reflected in leading to compact and convenient PDA as the carrier, regardless of time, place and personnel costs of site constraints, Inquiry quantity, low cost, so consumers to maximize the selling price. On the other hand, through a period of natural selection, the car will be a natural source of the strength of the used car to the dealer households tilt, making the change to open a new chain of used car dealers and high-quality integration of resources, complement each other. Ultimately consumers, service providers used car, used car dealers in the win, the final second-hand car market in China to promote healthy circulation and healthy development. With all these innovative initiatives together to control, to ensure a complete opening of the new system, coupled with continued innovation in its bid to open the new rules of professional attitude, to open a new industry-leading position has always been to keep winning magic, but since the opening in the consumers continue to accumulate a good reputation, is to achieve transfer chain to open a new brand of choice among consumers selling cars based on the most powerful.