Car Care Tips Four body cleaning method Competition
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Currently auto body can be divided into detergent cleaning, car washing, car washing detergent, washing liquid, car washing, water, wax car wash, scratch-free car wash several, there are several ways this to be a simple comparison. 1, the washing powder washing detergent Cleaning detergent composition is generally in the acid, acid long-term effect on the finish, easily lead paint white, lost its original luster. General detergent is alkaline products, though some are neutral detergent, but Long-term use will hurt the hand, such as caused by hand-peeling and other phenomena, so the use of detergent and washing detergent are not appropriate. 2, the washing liquid washing The main cleaning washing liquid ingredients are natural plant extract surfactant, addition, add the washing liquid is also generally have a natural wax, natural ingredients to remove the body of static electricity. Washing liquid are generally neutral and will not Finish injured hand injury. The addition of a natural wax ingredients, can give the image of the body clean and bright, giving the finish a certain degree of flexibility, common small grains will not scratch the finish of the general. Some of the wax also has relatively strong anti-purple External capacity, so the formation of UV-General would not have been a threat to the finish. Car wash solution using regular company is a popular choice. 3, water wax car wash Water wax car wash car washing liquid is relatively common, the more focus on paint care. As the water washing process of wax increased the number and types of wax, car body appear more bright and lustrous. Water used for washing the surface of Wax live Of the agent as an ordinary cleanser composition, generally does not hurt the paint. 4, scratch-free car wash Completely scratch-free use of washing liquid cleanser composition, is also rich in water, wax, specifically the removal of static components, necessary to point out is that it uses the other areas of scientific and technological achievements, that is, suspended sediment Concept. The use of sediment suspension, sediment does not need outside help in the natural fall off under the conditions of the real scratch-free car wash.