The car stops half to have enrol 10 big sudden vehicle failure to answer measure
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Breakdown appears to supply the condition that requires urgent need again without spare parts temporarily in drive a vehicle, can adopt a few jury to repair a method:

1. Enter, when crack of burst of tube giving water is not large, the cloth that can have a soap with besmear has wrapped up slack place; If crack is larger when, can cut off tube rent, the inter covers canal of a bamboo or iron pipe, bind with iron wire close.

2. Fan belt ruptures to be able to have plunged into the leather belt that broke with iron wire or be used stop the way that stay to drive the car.

3. Screw is slippery buckle screw to slip buckle can bring about leakage oil or connecting rod to become loose, make its misfire. Can beat former screw with hammer at this moment flat, make its both sides expands it is good to increase again close solid, but cannot disassemble for many times, wait for when maintaining next time, repair.

4. When motor vehicle of gasoline tank injury is being used, discover gasoline tank leakage is oily, can be in leakage oil wipe up, with soap or bubble gum oil is in Tu Zailou, jam temporarily; Repair with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better.

5. When burst of vitta burst vitta but rent wipe up, the soap on besmear, twine with list or adhesive plaster in vitta rent, bind with iron wire close, besmear again next a soap.

6. Vitta breaks off the rubber that root and vitta diameter photograph can look for to suit when vitta breaks off or plastic pipe dowel joint. If dowel joint is insufficient close together, iron wire of two upright reoccupy is bound close prevent leakage oil.

7. The crock builds occurrence sand holes and leakage oil, slack but according to sand holes size, the electrician that chooses corresponding norms uses fuse, be bungled its sand holes gently with hand hammer inside, can eliminate leakage oily, slack.

8. When oily motor vehicle of vitta connect leakage is used, if start oil of leakage of machine vitta connect, it is vitta horn mouth and vitta nut more not sealed be caused by. Usable bombazine is twined at horn lower edge, screw vitta nut and oily pipe fittings again; Still can chew bubble gum or maltose into mushy, besmear is in vitta nut mouth, need Gan Ning of people of talent sealed action.

9. Diaphragm or burst of diaphragm of fuel feed pump or break off can ravel oil pump takes out diaphragm, bakelite of the board that use gum, electrical engineering insulation or plastic cloth press original shape shape, dimension to curium file shapes, burnish mount.

10. After spiracle bedspring folds bedspring of door of cut off the gas to break off, but will break bedspring to get off, two paragraphs when broke conversely mount can be used. Also can seek the iron sheet with a 1 large millimeter, cut bigger than bedspring diameter the wafer of 1 millimeter, interior cuts one round hole, the diameter is less than bedspring diameter 4 millimeter, the gap that 6 millimeter trim exterior brim every other to grow into 4 millimeter, the every other after been cut a fold, form double-faced bedspring groove, load bedspring tune iron sheet again can use inside groove.
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