Summer does good car to air conditioning is used and maintain
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The weather of Dongguan of period of time is blocked hard sultrily recently, highest air temperature forces continuously 38 ℃ , risking the sun to drive, if air conditioning cannot refrigeration, that can be a thorny issue really. In such old hot days, how should do to love car maintain can you drive a car to come again comfortable? The reporter was in beauty of gold of An Bendong Guan recently inn maintenance station understands, the summer maintains basically look stick equipment of film, refrigeration and park place.

Expert proposal, the summer jockeys had better put in the garage, if be put below the sun to insolate, not only the loss that causes a likelihood to wheel embryo, the temperature inside the car is extremely high also, when driving certain very uncomfortable; There also are many skills in refrigeration process; And the car film with choose an adiabatic effect fine, also be to be oneself peacefully the good method of estivate.

Civil / reporter Xue Wei

After ● car is started, should not be open air conditioning instantly

The temperature inside ● car should be maintained air conditioning leaves after 22 ℃ ● jockeys best switch comes outer circulation mode

The car is started unfavorable open air conditioning namely

According to introducing, general the car that platoon of 1.3 litres of above measures, air conditioning effect is OK still, platoon quantity is 1 litre or 1 litre of the following miniature cars are in the intense heat of summer is seasonal constant because engine power is little and cause air conditioning effect not ideal. If engine increases bear to cause water because of opening air conditioning lukewarm exorbitant, should suspend using air conditioning to come till water Wen Zhengchang.

In use of car air conditioning needs to notice the following: One, after the car is started, should not be open air conditioning immediately, want to open all car window first, the outer circulation that start, go to steam eduction, the reopen after waiting for the temperature inside railroad car to drop opens air conditioning, but also do not close car window immediately, when car window is shut to open again after air conditioning comes out inside circularly.

2, the temperature inside the car is maintained compare in 22 ℃ appropriate, the difference in temperature of car inside and outside had better be between ℃ of 6 ℃ ~10. If pass low, the internal system of human body adjusts come nevertheless, the disease such as Zhou Yan of easy head cold, arthritis, shoulder. On the car if have old person or child, should be in temperature surely 25 ℃ left and right sides is relatively appropriate.

3, the car is when travel, because air passes air conditioning equipment to produce convection, the density of the carbon monoxide inside the car is very so low. But stop when the car sail and air conditioning continues to wear, the door window of the car airtight when, the air inside the car cannot convection, if the carbon monoxide of engine eduction leaks take a car inside, can build up gradually, thereby incidental toxic. In air conditioning of the open when jockeying so best switch comes outer circulation mode.
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