Car tire accepts challenge rugged road to avoid tire to damage
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Drive according to international safe investigation shows, wet drives traffic accident is led than ever tower above about 5 times, summertime rainfall weather is much, road surface is wet slip, the adherent force of tire drops, offerred very big test to car tire.

Challenge 1: Naevus ヌ パ

Fetal pressing is exorbitant do not throw a damp over

How to maintain to the summer tire, tire expert points out Mi Jilin, above all, tire is inspected first surely before drive a vehicle. Monsoon uses deepness of fetal decorative pattern absolutely cannot little at 1.6 millimeter, had better be in 3 millimeter above, because the decorative pattern deepness of tire is too shallow,the catchment ability of a tire drops, bring about wet ground to catch soil fertility to drop, affect driving security, sideslip may appear when rear wheel tire is turning especially or swing end phenomenon.

Next, the tire that should choose quality qualification changes regularly tire. Cause the cause that become flat a lot of, tire function aggravation is a culprit. Tire calculates again durable, use impossibly also all one's life. Wear away gradually when tire, steel wire layer ageing of gradually fatigue, tread when, its function is inevitable also and abate.

The 3rd, want to often check fetal pressing, the birth that includes spare wheel is pressed. In the summer of burning sun sorching, the ground of tire and boiling hot is contacted, if fetal pressing is taller, bring about probably become flat. Because this is in,high temperature down train should not make fetal pressing exorbitant.

The 4th, if discover an embryo when lukewarm, embryo pressing is exorbitant, answer to jockey in shade, make nature of tire temperature, pressure drops.

Challenge 2:   is visited

Tire is not chosen expensive choose only " right "

Tire the shoe as the car, to drive safety is mixed the word of comfortable consideration, wear impossibly of course only all the year round same a pair " shoe " . A lot of cars advocate the tire that uses on snow ground is changed in winter, and now, in the light of wet slippery road surface, urgent turn and the road state such as bumpy road surface, had more professional tire, can resist effectively the danger affection that comes from road surface, your daughter car answers wet easily!

"3 can the safe function area of tire is a feature with element of its distinctive tread decorative pattern, decorative pattern of consistent inclined tangent plane of old point of view and wide fore-and-aft groove can effectively eduction tread seeper, ensure tire is in thereby of wet slippery road surface catch soil fertility and hold charge a sex. " according to solid distinctive and safe expert introduces, hold controlling functional area is by solid shoulder decorative pattern piece is mixed consistent decorative pattern composition. This kind of structure can get lost reaction for what car offers delicacy. Although take a sudden turn or brake are tightened below sudden state, also can obtain extraordinary stability and hold accuse to feel. 3 can the rubber soft mat that the comfortable function area of tire is located in tread lining, it is in multilayer the bag in tread contains a resilient coating. Must not look down upon this to take bundle of layer in tread glue and steel wire between a very thin resilient coating, it not only can absorb bump, raise comfortable sex, and the noise that still can reduce tire effectively.
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