Car also " heatstroke " netizen each other raises action railroad car to dischar
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Below large tree good enjoy the cool. Sorching summer, many cars advocate the metropolis when jockeying cultivates the parking space below alertly. Fall to explode for long in the sun bask in, injure somewhat to car lacquer and hardware not only, and the problem that how makes the railroad car that is like steam box sultrily drops in temperature to also become car friend to care quickly.

Railroad car discharges heat to have skill

Car Neigaowenke evaporate ripe egg?

Last week, hang out of Guangzhou atmosphere branch this year signal of early-warning of high temperature of the first orange. The high temperature of much day makes passerby leave no stone unturned is away for the summer holidays not only, also be in even gens having a car feel distressed to love a car to feel. The reporter saw in sports center of the Milky way a few days ago, stop here full car, but only a few cars have favour to be able to stop in shade of a tree. Expose the car in burning sun to pass in great quantities one afternoon insolate, interior of car railroad car is just as steam box, no matter be seat or steering wheel,heat up so that warm a hand. The reporter sees, car of a white-collar advocate to discharge the steam in dispatch a vehicle as soon as possible, the car lock of 4 doors window, open air conditioning greatly. Waited ten minutes however, law of this one party appears not collect effect. This car advocate still be to hope the car is promoted sigh. How be just the most effective method that discharge heat? Which kinds of method most suffer car friendly praise highly? Reporter after the event sees, there is car gens on the net very enthusiastic to the discussion of this problem.

In each old car forum, the car after how many netizens make insolate in succession recently drops in temperature quickly spread out to discuss. Among them, a names are " the car that how lets insolate drops in temperature quickly " the card is reprinted often in each old car forum. Number of this card word is not much, the car that introduced to reach a mistake correctly in detail however drops in temperature method. This card introduction says: "Many people are in enter after engine is being started inside the car, get to want to hasten ' air conditioning ' drop in temperature quickly, the first movement presses A/C bolts namely. Also not be accurate method so actually, because right now the hot air inside the car is returned,did not drop off. The burden that opens A/C to be able to increase compressor of air conditioning system only early, raise oily cost, can not make the temperature inside the car falls quickly... "

This card complement says: "Accurate method actually very simple: Should be to stand to open all car windows namely (have skylight of course also need not polite) , let the airiness inside the car, give fan wind force to leave then the biggest, probably the steam inside a few minutes of cars can drop off, shut car window to open air conditioning again next, can let the thermal drop inside the car come down quickly quite so. Can let the thermal drop inside the car come down quickly quite so..
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