Discern fittings of true and false has key
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Maintenance technician expresses, in the process that uses a car, want to take care the loss that observes fittings, the brake before be like piece if use fake fittings, brake piece can exceed wear limit very quickly to make brake from time to tome noise, undercarriage of the Buddhist templeput on the brakes before serious meeting wears away, make undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes appears groove and cannot continue to use. If product of car lamps and lanterns was used fake fittings can cause brightness inadequacy, focusing to be not centered, cannon-shot area of too close, radiate is small wait for a problem. When buying, discern the method of true and false basically is to look pack, see the price and range estimation color wait.

Do not want anxious to get things on the cheap above all, the price of a replacement of commonly used car, if discover product value far under the price in impression, be about to raise vigilance, must making clear is convert into money, depreciating still is false.

Want observation to pack next, taste clarity of the handwriting on outer packing box, overprint really accurate, flaming, mark has model of product name, norms, amount, registered trade mark, have certificate of approval and inspector order, a few important parts are like pump of ignition distributor, fuel injection to wait to deserve to have operation instruction handbook even. Much is fake the product always can find flaw in bag mount.

The 3rd, select former a replacement, occurrence breakdown of car a replacement, should go concessionary agency (4S inn) be in maintenance or change, choose raw assembly parts, be not raw assembly parts to cause the harm of car airframe very easily.

The 4th, range estimation color, raw assembly parts can appoint color of some kind of standard, if receive other facial expression,be fake product.

The 5th, scrutiny material, if discover to there is rustily, spot on fittings, balata ageing, chap, joint place has appearance of sealing off, come unglued, such fittings most has a problem. Finally, see fittings defend even layer, when most fittings leaves factory, have defend layer, if piston pin, plain bearing liner uses olefin to protect; piston annulus, besmear of cylinder bushing surface prevents rubiginous oil, after waiting with valve of wrapping paper wrap up, piston, reoccupy polybag is enclosed.

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