Rainy day rain blows the summer implement maintain jewel
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Nowadays is the summer rainy season, and the rainwater this year appears particularly much, need often uses rain to blow implement. In the meantime, a lot of cars advocate discover rain is blown implement occurrence problem, need to change or be repaired. Rain is blown implement although small, if if do not maintain well,passing, rain is blown implement also be meeting occurrence problem. Actually, rain is blown implement maintain very convenient, need to notice to be able to be accomplished very easily more at ordinary times only.

[wash a car not to forget rain is blown implement]

Although put aside,rain is blown go up in windshield, but the people when daily attention is very easy however turn a blind eye to, wait for the ability when using to know to have a problem. Rain is blown implement maintain method actually very simple. When washing a car every time besides abluent glazing, also had better wipe rain to blow with vitreous clear lotion, such rain are blown life with respect to chairman a few. If do sth for sb by the inn that wash a car clean, can remind counterjumper to do this work for you, blow rain switch park all sorts of career position office, check different speed to rain blow whether to carry fixed rate. Still have even if check the status that blows water, and blow water to raise lever to whether exist swing inhomogenous or the phenomenon that leakage blows. These two kinds of breakdown appear hold the post of He Yi to plant, mean rain to blow blade to have damage. Additional, should notice to rain blow whether to have in the job shake and abnormal knocking.

[regular examination cannot little]

The method that examination rain blows is very simple, a few more ejective clear lotion, next actuate rain is blown, advertent its movement is fluent, leave a heart to listen to whether have bigger voice, be like some words, it is beyond the mark to state rain is blown press to glass, must make proper mix, officer. Blow when rain sweep after coming twice, look to whether moisture stays on windshield, observe at the same time whether can leave a few nick, if see nick apparently, state rain blows the glue blowing water on already ageing, should change new gum.

If all sorts of breakdown phenomena are all ready, should check rain to blow for certain piece. The method is blow rain pull, with finger the balata rain after cleanness is blown piece on feel, the flexibility that whether the examination has attaint and balata blade how. Be like blade ageing, sclerosis, occurrence crackle, answer to change in time. In addition, even

The attention raises lever to join whether the means to rocker matchs, paying perch because of some secure rocker to go up with screw, and some buckle a lock to die with the protruding that establishs a point, when buying, must admit accurate.

[the moment that use a car notices more]

Want rain blows service life longer, had better avoid to insolate for long below the sun, returning those who a bit want to notice is, a lot of cars advocate when discovery has sand and dust on glass, often open rain is blown sweep sand to finish sth, the gum that makes meeting attaint rain blow so in fact reach automobile glass, it is so before open, might as well spray first clear lotion. Artificial of course cleanness is much better. Maintain rain blows the gush water system that notices to safeguard good car even: Join neuter, decontamination, lubricant clear lotion; Undesirable clear lotion can corrode all of spray water system, rain to blow implement reach car face lacquer. Fill water in time, avoid idling of machine of gush water and electricity.
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