Mondeo - winning car replacement Special Edition huge benefits for the twenty t
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Fujian Province as the only certified car replacement through the Changan Ford units provide reliable abundance Gifford "four heart" replacement services so that consumers enjoy in Fuzhou "transactions secure, procedures assured that the price comfortable, Gift Yue heart "of the service, easy car network reporters today learned 4S stores between now and Feng Ji and car replacement for the purchase of the business, and enjoy Mondeo - winning car replacement Special Edition huge benefits for the twenty thousand ultra- value of feedback, other models Sheng Hui are shared, but also share the maintenance of gift. Another hearing, this weekend "MAX GO! Family to travel the" family trip to pick hot start, 4S shop now to reward Maike Si Ji Feng not only enjoy the gift shop, test drive ceremony, booking ceremony, the chance to win traveling by car take the free quota , For activation, but also the right to use 20 days to participate Maike Si spike. Mondeo to Ford "kinetic design" form language and philosophy to a new level, including all of its key elements, enhancing the luxurious splendor of the ingredients. The combination of these elements, creating a sleek dynamic Shape, provides a message of strength and elegance of the design effect, not only in the movement dynamic, poised to take off when at rest, the concept of "the movement of energy." Mondeo - winning its class relative to body size and Some larger than the length, width and height respectively 4854mm/1886mm/1495mm, the wheelbase is a whopping 2850mm, the new Mondeo with inline four-cylinder engine 16-valve Duratec HE 2.3, with i-VCT variable into Cam timing technology, maximum power 117.6Kw, maximum torque of 205Nm. Maintenance: the Changan Ford to provide a vehicle for three years or a thousand kilometers of the warranty, whichever occurs first. The first maintenance free, free maintenance services include oil and oil filter replacement, and routine checks.