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Bell wood held water 1920 as old brand enterprise of Japan, already had history of 88 years up to now. Begin to produce car product from 1955, among them " Alto " and " Wagon R " wait for a model, holding car of the miniature inside Japan to sell the first place alone all the time. And bell wood is in its " neighbour " - Chinese market performance is done not have so outstanding, there is quite big difference in the expression of Indian market with its even, however Chinese market is each whole world with big accepted firm increases the fastest, car market that has latent capacity most, this develops the problem that place of bell wood China exists not hard.

Before long, gentleman of field of ferry of bell wood president ever expressed to wanted to achieve 500 thousand goal in Chinese market 2010. And from now bell wood looks in Chinese sales volume, of this target it is more difficult to finish. Come from the data that meets by banquet of the couplet that use a car show, up to by this year July, the total sale that Chang'an bell wood increases wood of prosperous river bell be less than 120 thousand, will look with current market condition, although be added,import car sales volume to the end of the year, break through the possibility of 200 thousand very small also. And bell wood is in also put in a plan without specific new car 2009, the target difficulty that the implementation below such circumstance turns over one time cans be imagined. Can say the actual strength that bell wood estimated hopefully to he is in China, this also brought about its to develop experience awkwardness in Chinese market.

One, 3 nets are amalgamative the question is great cause channel to build backwater at the same time

Chang'an bell wood - day words SX4

Because have Chang'an and prosperous river two partners, plus the entrance the car sells a network, bell Mu Zaihua shares 3 products sale channel. From last year second half of the year begins, bell wood begins dominant Chang'an, Chang He, import 3 channel and net sale, because contain certain mandatory, produced the agent of product of wood of bell of a few comprehensive sales. It is convenient that this move looks from the surface consumer, let consumer go the product that an inn can see all bell wood, also make agency can sell more bell wood products at the same time, earn more profit thereby. However, practical effect is not such, as a result of the product of Chang'an bell wood and wood of prosperous river bell the price is close to too, the competition that is be worthy of the name concerns, because this is done not have after the net,have the effect with complementary product. The salesperson that pursues car of Chang'an bell wood according to expresses, the policy that as a result of Chang Heling wooden respect gives is not quite clear, it still is willing to recommend its to consumer the product of original Chang'an bell wood inside inn, meanwhile the inn of wood of prosperous river bell also is put in the problem with similar move.
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