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The wind that international car altar rises in price is rising. Several days ago Fengtian announces afterwards this year the autumn be about to go up in moving Japanese mainland after deluxe model price, swear to break through the company of German Ao Di that 1 million sales involve greatly to announced a few days ago this year, will rise to increase 0.9 percent to price of model of the part below the banner from October 6.

Aodi announces mainstream model to raise price

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, aodiben second rise in price the model that involve includes mainstream car A4(not to contain open sail edition) , motile is muti_function TT of racing bike of litter of SUV Q7, double door and R8 of high-powered racing bike. Automobile industry thinks, model of Ao Di high end rises in price of course, but of A4 raise price and cannot bring more opportunity to Ao Di. Paragraph A4 is in Ao Dixin after the beginning of the year is rolled out this year, sales volume did not surmount his like anticipate two strong competitors -- run quickly C class and BMW 3 departments car, be opposite so of Ao Di A4 carry what valence is not advisability to lift.

So far, ao Di company gives out without the reason that with respect to Ao Di high-end model rises in price the government explains. From this year Ao Di whole world sells outstanding achievement to look first half of the year, ao Di is being belonged to at present increase level steadily, this year 1~6 month, sales volume of Ao Di whole world amounts to 516 thousand, should OK finish Ao Di smoothly the target that the whole world broke through 1 million sales volume 2008.

Notable is, below the circumstance that glides in whole of American car market, ao Di still obtained right result first half of the year this year, among them only June month sells 8203, grow 5.3% compared to the same period.

Shortly will rise in price in the model, ao Di A4 already came true in China homebred, 09 homebred new A4 also will at next year appear on the market first quarter. Rise in price to whether meet those who affect new A4 roll out as to this round, the personage is being accepted related ministry of career of sale of Ao Di of one steam masses " daily of the first finance and economics " when the reporter is interviewed, express, to Germany Ao Di rises in price be related not know the inside story, "What Ao Di is in China is homebred change rate already achieved 80% , can close manage price according to Chinese market. " this personage expresses.

Entrance Ao Di is fixed rise in price

Former to 3 outfit imports a car, if factory price rises, in domestic price undoubted meeting is affected certainly. Beijing manages the agency that imports Ao Di to tell a reporter, because be in truckload in importing a process, need the per cent pay according to car price all sorts of tax cost, although still confiscate the announcement that rises in price to the government now, but if the message is belonged to solid, predict those who import a model to go up will exceed 0.9% .
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