Civilian also can leave 200 thousand yuan madly for racing bike the racing bike
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Sina car dispatch believes a lot of people had made a such dreams, opening the racing bike that gallop, there is the belle that admire in the heart on the side, be in extremely fast stroke face and in the wind that pass, experience car and person, between person and nature hand in distinctly collect. Racing bike, just as its name implies moves with highlighting namely the high-powered car with celebrated function, function highlighted price nature to also comparative not to poor, especially international is famous the product of the brand, it is average person anything but can susceptive. Accordingly, racing bike is not the product of impulse to most car manufacturer, promote a brand however, satisfy the product of demand of consumer individual character, it is with racing bike manufacturer of abroad exemple, reynolds, beautiful, masses, contemporary etc, because the reason price such as custom duty is very high still,these racing bike entrances arrive after China, still be a within sight but beyond reach to ordinary common people. Appeared however in Chinese market a delectable phenomenon, market of introductory class racing bike is richer and richer, a lot of manufacturer are being made and sell racing bike, the price also did not compare the car tower above that is the same as class too much, pull at a draught close ordinary people and the distance that racing bike dreams.

The Beijing car by 2006 is exhibited on, china

Contemporary cruel is sent

Price: 19.1-21.93 10 thousand yuan

Come from the contemporary Coupe of Korea

Proposal: At the beginning of cruel clique appears on the market capture the heart of customer of many and young fashionable woman, the woman customer that wants to have racing bike can buy this cruel to send those who serve as his to pull wind tool, travel process turns round mediumly to lead will promote considerably!

China cruel treasure

Price: 12.39-16.95 10 thousand yuan

Cruel treasure used the lists 4 crocks continuously motor of 1.8T, the biggest torque of this engine is 235 oxen rice, the rotate speed interval of the biggest torque is bigger also, from 2000 turn / cent comes 4500 turn / cent can be obtained continuously highest and torsional. Most high-power is in 5500 turn / 125 kilowatt were achieved when dividing. This engine achieves very good result in engine appraise through comparison of home, the engine of turbine pressure boost that still is research and development of the first home at the same time. Carrying so powerful engine, make truckload function is able to promote, the person that also make drive has hope more to driving, overtake also becomes handy. With " elder " contemporary cruel clique is compared, the appearance of cruel treasure is designed and delicate degree shows interior trim a bit inferior, but engine of exceedingly good turbine pressure boost and one hundred and twenty-three thousand nine hundred price also can be a kind of new option.
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