08 first half of the year most suffer netizen heat to discuss model check
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Car city sufferred a lot of twists and turns 2008, rise in Sichuan earthquake, oil price, below the complex condition that raw material rises, the car city after half an year passes more still is maintaining the sort of last year making clear quiet, stealthily tight situation, what intense market competes and did not anticipate like somebody in that way become apparent. Those representative models that consumer pays close attention to most are in first half of the year in succession look good as result of recieving praise, make a person impressive.

The sword goes slant sharp edge -- abundant cropland Yalishi

Appear on the market the price: 9.19-13.63 10 thousand yuan

Favourable extent: 10000-12000 yuan

Comment on: In the times that this oil price shoots up nowadays, economy of class of this kind of introduction car became Yalishi undoubtedly the new cosset of the market.

Yalishi is abundant cropland whole world one of models of 3 old strategies, it is the 2nd model that afterwards of cropland of wide steam abundant introduces home after Kaimeirui. Yalishi is had enough the safety performance that rivals with luxurious car photograph, match Feng Tian's particular double VVTI engine, motivation is abundant, economy is outstanding. Cause what the netizen pays close attention to extensively to be configured besides these however, still have Yalishi's price, one contains Yalishi of the experience value that the of 10% car of only car price purchases duty roll out, still be first time to Guangzhou abundant cropland.

Wide abundant weighs this " experience price " be confined to this year second half of the year, whether to still maintain this price unknown next year, disclose consumer " present price is cheaper than next year perhaps " information, gave out " should buy before it is too late " psychological suggestion. This enrols wide abundant " in a limited time scare buying " , catered to people just about psychology of this kind of consumption.

Car of own a dark horse -- FRV of fine horse nimble

Appear on the market the price: 6.58-8.38 10 thousand yuan

Favourable extent: 1000 yuan

Comment on: The appearance is the largest window, inferior use cost and price were attracted quite the proponent of one part home products.

Regard a family as the car, interior space is agile changeful, use cost is low the model that reachs price advantage to make both sides model becomes consumer to love. Of FRV of nimble of China morning fine horse appear on the market, make market of litter of home of homebred both sides is added again new army.

Before some year of both sides car in home all the time fire does not rise, besides the cheap charge for the making of sth. , coarse interior trim, bodywork that does not have new idea outside modelling, the end after letting what the person feels insecure bald also is one of the mainest reasons, a lot of people feel such design is insecure.
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