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Taiyuan: Nine Feng Road, second-hand automobile market and thinking to bring pro
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Nine Feng Road, Taiyuan City, this is one not known paths, pedestrian and vehicle walk through sparse here, but never been concerned about. Ten years later, here Shanxi Province have become the largest of the old motor vehicle market. Hard to imagine

, What is the power to make a path into a large and thriving second-hand automobile market? March 10, a reporter with many questions, walked into nine Feng Road, Taiyuan City, No. 28 old motor vehicle market.

- HSBC this past September to "squeeze crazy"

Ten years ago, if the asking how to get nine Feng Road, most people would say "do not know." Today, the same question the answer was very different: Fen West, Hing Wah Street North, buy a used car go to the Kowloon Fung Road,

There is the largest used car Shanxi market.

A different answer, people have every reason to believe that the old motor vehicle market has been the formation of the climate here. In terms of the city of Taiyuan, where both a distribution center for a large number of second-hand cars, heating and cooling auto market is changing Taiyuan

Of the barometer.

A netizen posting on her blog, called "Nine Feng Road," also called "squeeze crazy way", the pronunciation sounds similar to another name to a reporter surprised a moment. In order to understand the real nine Feng Road, the reporter made a special trip we drove twice, Results

If users who admire psyche is brilliantly played by nine Feng Road, another name.

Nine Feng Road, then what was it? A woman who lives in HSBC Court recalled: "Ten years ago, Feng Road, the northern end of September was a big pit intersection, every time I go home, have to 'trip' over the pit to get to the sink

Feng Yuan cell door. The east-west crossing of the East Side for the planning of a customer occupies a sparse markets, around the West Exit the 'iron fence' like a parking lot. "

It seems that at the time was nine Feng Road, Hing Wah Street, a main road connecting with a dead end. Flow rare, not many cars, it is secluded.

It is understood that the surrounding infrastructure as the government's reform efforts to further increase, the northern tip of the Kowloon-Feng Road, asphalt into a large pit, markets disappeared, parking withdrawal, the two talked over the bridge on the river, Xing North Street

Things through, and a veritable crossroads born. Today than in the past nine Feng Road, as two of the world. Small businesses in the vicinity of a middle-aged man, told reporters here on Saturday and Sunday packed than it is now also "crazy


Familiar with this environment, Mr. Wang told reporters: "After 2003, Feng Road used car took nine filled. Because the construction of Taiyuan old motor vehicle market here, the market does not fit in, or engage in private transactions specifically

Used cars, will September Feng Road East and west sides of the street stuffing has been pushed Hing Wah Street. "

Reporter, also noted that nine Feng Road, both sides of the third step is the Ju Fanzi every wave, as long as you drive to the road for a nine Feng Shui, they reached a bar: "sell wow, sell wow?" afraid to miss any of the


Fung, a tram company in September to work Master Li told reporters: "Although the government has the traffic down here, great efforts, but the development of second-hand car market too quickly, although the road wider than before, but nine

Zhao Feng Road, crowded or not wrong. "

Every morning at eight or nine, nine on the road a lot of rich young man, to reach out and shout to see the car: sell it? The road to sell you ... ... the cars are parked on both sides who want to sell. They are the legendary "car care", slightly higher in

Third grade is called "Che Fanzi" relative "car care" is concerned, more economically powerful.

This reporter saw nine HSBC facade on the road almost all the rooms are vehicle-related business transactions. What vehicle assessment, transfer of vehicle ownership, credit, agency procedures, vehicle testing, vehicle maintenance, a next one, forest

Total general, it is complete.

Both seasons, where every day, who lives in nearby, said: "It is ten years, more and more used car, came more and more people buy cars."

- Responsive and call out

Prior to 1998, Taiyuan, where second-hand car trading in Sports Road, in addition to the four post in the government with trade qualifications accreditation, the rest are random string around the "guerilla" type Jufan Zi.

Miss Xiao used car manager, told reporters: "There were no second-hand automobile market space, and no one management, Che Fanzi side of the road in dealing with buyers. Familiar with the situation at the Taiyuan people will never forget, because when

The management of lag time, second-hand automobile market in the robbery appeared on vehicles, assembled cars, smuggled cars, and dominate the market, such as fraud, bad faith is particularly serious.

With the average family car into an accelerated, the Government has realized that second-hand car market is facing the urgent need of consolidation and planning, market research through the development of relevant policies, the last survival of the fittest, four in the past

There is evidence of second-hand car dealers to cancel the two remaining one - the old motor vehicle market in Shanxi suspend business for rectification, and another - Taiyuan old motor vehicle market Fung Road site was established in September.

Taiyuan Wang Meiping old motor vehicle market manager, told reporters: "The market was officially opened in June 1998. Before we go to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, inspected, and finally through the demonstration, the investment 38 million yuan

, Only three months to complete the market building. "

Wang Meiping recalled that, although the market built, but people still used to go on sports road, because there is a natural formation of the market. We are empty-yo new markets, the occasional Sunday, five people, one person can usually


This situation produced at least three reasons. One Sports Road market, a large number of illegal, robbery, vehicle assembly still exists; Second, many without any formalities of Che Fanzi dependent on the market block the road outside the customer;

Third, second-hand automobile market boom and the core - too few urban motor vehicle ownership, car ownership in 1998, Taiyuan was 7-80000, and the unit of the bus in the majority.

Wang Meiping told reporters: "We first trained a large number of senior management personnel, and invite the commercial, public security, taxation entering the market. On the other hand is in line with the Government clearing the way to ban the illicit trade in sports market

At the same time to send buses to pick nine Feng Road, who intended to sell second-hand car. "

Later, after six months of efforts, the end of 1998, Sports Road, second-hand car market has been banned, people gradually began to know this street Feng Road, Kowloon.

Up to now, the only area of over 33,000 square meters of the motor vehicle market, the capacity of the used car trade, new car on the household, vehicle monitoring, driver physical examination, used car credit, phased replacement, cross-CFS, driving

Members of photography, vehicle purchase tax Jina, vehicle insurance, and other major businesses.

Market official told reporters, although this is currently the largest used car Taiyuan market, but still can not meet the needs of society. Thousands of vehicles waiting for the old vehicle for market transactions is limited, forced stop

Against the sides of the road outside the market, a direct result of the problem is traffic congestion and vehicle noise on the surrounding environment pollution.

- Pondering the automobile market boom

Objectively speaking, today we see the old motor vehicle market in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province is concerned, be regarded as a good blueprint. Location from the market, positioning, planning, to staff training, modern management, for a

Urban Creation of the old motor vehicle market is concerned, certainly not an easy task.

Because we did not, like a piece of paper, you need to go learn, you need strong capital, need for government support and scientific management.

Deputy General Manager of the trading market, Mr. Zhang Chun told reporters the party is currently involved in old motor vehicle broker about 1,000 people receive cards in the market over 350 people. To better manage the market, customer service, they set up

The agent service companies, old institutions such as motor vehicle Evaluation and Appraisal Committee.

Supporting market-related functions and the gradual improvement is the key to the rapid development of the market can. But there is another reason the most critical. Dongfeng Yulong used car trade broker Mr. Zhao Jidong, told reporters: "Market Development

The most crucial year in 2007, the market built two-story building 106 and down, as manager office space. "

According to Mr. Zhao recalled, before the year 2007, the broker of the day sitting in the yard a small stool, holding a contract and pen waiting for customers. Office and now in the room compared to my heart it feels normal, and the walls

Business license, tax registration certificate and related documents, the customer, it is also a worry.

Mr. Zhang Jun party, said: "We were put into this building more than 600 million yuan to build a second floor, up to now, a total of 107 business operators to stay, of which 88 registered as brokers in the market."

Zhang Jun-party management of the market, an old man, he said the status of this market can not meet the economic development needs of second-hand car, the core issue is the venue space is limited.

Jun Zhang told reporters the party: "Now the market for sale within the motor vehicle has parked his early 1000, a last resort, we market, and set up two parking can park 500 vehicles to trade."

However, due to come here every day from all too many people buy cars and sell cars, resulting in nine Feng Road, the ability to withstand traffic limit.

Lead to positive effects of this phenomenon is used Jushi Taiyuan into the legitimate, regulate trade era, trading volume increased year by year revenue increase was driven, in the past unsolicited robbery car, assembled cars, smuggled cars Xianzai

Almost disappeared. At the same time, the resulting traffic congestion and noise pollution problems caused by urban construction department of the government and the leadership of attention.

Economic development, the environment seems to escape the bad luck that has been in the field of economic development can not solve the contradictions of a problem also exists here. On this view, journalists hoping to speed up economic development as

Development to change the way the environment will be nine Feng Road will change at some time.