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Taiyuan: the amount of liters of used vehicle price drop
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"10 million or some of you Yeah, give me forget two thousand cheaper!" "It did not earn the first of many, well, cheap to cheap bar. Take a volume!" March 25, in the old city motor vehicle market, after some bargaining,

Liu broker an end to a car shot with 9.8 million price.

"This year, at least they can sell 10 million. But now the used car prices dropped by almost all."

In this regard, a second-hand car dealer surnamed Dong analysis of new cars onto the market this month, and most of the brands were bargains. This is tantamount to second-hand automobile market gave the formation pressure. Current second-hand car prices year over year

Generally about 2% lower before. A manager surnamed Li told reporters after the Spring Festival to the end of February, customers have been very few. Only beginning to pick up until March, has changed hands more than 10 million forty-five mid-range cars.

Old motor vehicle market, according to statistics, the average price of a used car in February of about 6.8 million, and by March, the average price to 5.6 million, decreased by 18%. Daily trading volume from the point of view, March 58 vehicles, more than 2

March 27 more than doubled. Some second-hand car dealer said that the current, second-hand car transactions to mid-range price of 10 million vehicle-based, many of 5 million or even several thousand dollars less "Egg car" has a significant volume.

New Year's larger high-end used car sales in the current transactions are relatively small, resulting in lowering the amount of price rise of this phenomenon.