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Less second-hand used car inventory very sought-after low-emission vehicles
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Used luxury cars difficult shot, consumer enthusiasm for low-emission cars, which used a car hard to find.

Yesterday morning, second-hand car trading center in Taiyuan, people buy cars Zhang told reporters that he wanted to buy about a displacement of 1.6 liters of used cars, but shopping at the trading center for a long time, very few low-emission cars see . The cross-

Trade Center owner of a used car dealer, said high-current, 1.6 liters of the following car inventory is relatively small, large displacement cars stock, and prices are relatively cheap, however, for large displacement cars, most consumers only Q

Do not buy. Recently, they mobilized all the manpower the company acquired a small displacement of foreign used cars, and yet very difficult to receive, some of which car is the main reason for high prices.

Since spring this year, the acquisition of small-displacement cars is more tense. Since last year's preferential policies, coupled with the relatively fuel-efficient small-displacement cars the concept of environmental protection accepted by consumers, some car owners have been completed ahead of the transfer plan.

Therefore, the owners want to sell the hands of a very limited number of small displacement vehicles.

Mr. Wei told reporters that the state has adopted preferential policies since last year, many owners have been completed ahead of the transfer plan, the consumer low-emission vehicles and energy saving accept a late transfer of the cycle is relatively longer high-end cars

Some, therefore, into the trading center of the small-displacement second-hand car in 3 years to 5 years would be more nervous.