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Young lotus high level " fall horse " announce in-house 3 big questions
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Recently, because lofty of executive general manager of limited company of sale of former youth car is suspected of violating crime to be detained by criminal of mechanism of public security of Jin Hua city. Young car sells limited company external official attitude is " lofty be blinded by gain, use agency to admire lotus brand, be eager to wanting to become the pressing psychology of accredit agency, what ask for a huge sum to them is alleged " information is expended " , the pocket that puts oneself " . However thing not so simple, occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, "Information is expended " it is a fuse only just, and the agency recruit of young lotus works actually not so successful, the issue that is eager to becoming accredit dealer sees some from actual state " hyperbole " composition.

1, progress of agency recruit job is not good

As we have learned, have in domestic youth lotus at present distributing 8 large areas 48 agency, it is inn of 4S of and rather than of sale exhibition hall partly among them. The agency recruit job that waits for lotus of youth of city of a gleam of in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai is not good, return those who do not have agency to join in in Shanghai among them, such state very like luxurious car of high end is not to resemble lotus contest fast such economy car, although also be entrance car, but the status position that the price is deciding it.

And in lotus agency recruit at the beginning of, the dealer of a car with reporter acquaintanceship ever transformed his exhibition hall, preparation applies for lotus contest fast dealership, be in next experience a series of after the negotiation, abandoned application finally. Introduce according to him, besides not was sure to new car besides, more ground is pair of manufacturer self-distrust, because it is put in the uncertainty with too much move, he cannot foretell contest fast want singles to be fought how to long just can be greeted alone " companionate " , because this chooses only,abandon. His word got finally confirming before the reality of the market, new car contest fast appear on the market to encounter namely cannot go up the awkwardness of the card, this just is the error that manufacturer works, final result is to let agency buy sheet.

2, first new car - contest fast appear on the market to be encountered namely cannot go up the awkward situation of the card

Young lotus car - contest fast

Young lotus contest of first new car fast announced formally to appear on the market on January 9, be in lotus contest fast the time that is less than two months after Beijing appears on the market, management board of traffic of the Ministry of Public Security allotted March " identify code name to importing motor vehicle car (VIN) carry out enter a country the announcement of management of test and verify " , according to this " announcement " requirement, the car of model of ongoing on March 1 mouth identifies code name (VIN) word of the 9th digit needs to undertake modificatory, bring about contest fast the model that large quantities of one early days import is temporary cannot go up card, this kind " cannot go up card " the state just is changed somewhat to June all the time.
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