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Of green anthology - - the quantity produces environmental protection car to gui
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Oily barren! Oil is confused! Reside the oil price that does not leave high, affecting the liability buying a car of consumer, and the country also publishs more significant step to come ceaselessly the development of model of environmental protection of incentive and feebleminded bad news. By 2007, national hair changes appoint released " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment " , hair of make one's bow of car of new energy resources changes appoint encourage industrial list. The car of new energy resources that includes to mix dynamical car to wait inside, included encourage industrial list, the country will be right these industries from consumptive link, production segment, taxation policy, favourable policy, examine and approve wait for each respect to give give aid to.

Current, in solution of car of a lot of new energy resources, mix dynamical car what realized industrialization successfully only. Mixture motivation shows the car uses benzine drive and electric power drive namely means of two kinds of drive, divide again from the type mix for weak mixture motive force, powerful mixture motive force charge type mixes motivation. Electric machinery is participated in provide power, can help engine maintain all the time in condition of optimal operating mode, dynamical sex is good, discharge capacity is very small, and the origin of electric energy is engine, need to cheer only can.

Compare with traditional car photograph, mixture dynamic starts to be able to say in domestic car market not late. The first when introduce home from Feng Tian mixture motor vehicle Pu Rui this, to the general Jun Yue fastening a gram that just appears on the market mixture motivation edition arrives to already realized a quantity to produce again be about to appear on the market the Chang'an of the sale outstanding merit Hev, more and more mixture motivation models appear in car market of home, adumbrative China is entering period of a mixture dynamic stage by stage. Below, let us understand these to already was in city together sale and the mixture motivation model that are about to appear on the market.

● already appeared on the market model

☆ Pu Rui this

Price: 25.98-27.98 10 thousand

Pu Ruisi is the first mixture motor vehicle of domestic that the quantity produces. It is driving force with gas chemical energy and electric energy, its interior has an independent gasoline engine and an electromotor, created the optimal combination of gasoline engine and electromotor, realized the environmental protection requirement that low oily cost, low tail gas discharges.

☆ thinks of region to mix motor-car

Price: Two hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred

Think of region to mix motor vehicle to be with benzine edition price on configuration of one hundred and fifty-seven thousand eight hundred basic and automatic block model similar, without scuttle, wait without dermal seat. The new Honda Hybrid with the most advanced Honda was used to mix dynamical system on motivation, three administrative levels of 1.3L I-VTEC is active force engine changes pilot VTEC(according to intelligence alterable valve when reach electron rising Cheng to control systematic) , through inactive of low rotate speed, high rotate speed, air cylinder 3 phase undertake controlling to valve.
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