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Domestic car market is small confuse Shanghai car value of output to drop first
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The data that news morning paper reports to Shanghai statistic bureau is announced shows, below environment of relatively austere domestic and international economy, this year July, production of this city industry adds fast slow down, the gross value of industrial output that finish two hundred and two billion and sixty-four million yuan, grow 8% than was the same as a month last year, it is this year since only month amplitude first under two digit.

Among them, get domestic car market low confused impact, automobile manufacturing industry finishs gross value of industrial output 12.13 billion yuan, drop 18.1% , the production inside year drops first.

Statistical data shows, this year July, this city develops industrial industry 6 times to finish gross value of industrial output mainly one hundred and thirty billion nine hundred and twenty-six million yuan, 64.8% what occupy this city gross, pull only move this city industry to increase 5.4 percent, amplitude compared to the same period fall after a rise 9 percent.

Output of main industry product has litre have fall, this city produces the month on of all kinds car fifty thousand seven hundred, drop than was the same as a month last year 25.6% . Among them car 50 thousand, drop 25.8% . In the petrochemicals, crude oil treatment measures 1.755 million tons, grow 15.6% than was the same as a month last year. (Wang Zehua of Zhang Gu of morning paper reporter's small reporter)

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