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Recommend the music that when driving, hears
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A friend that learns Buddha recommended Banderui's light music recently, listened as expected pretty good, seem to be recommended by some car website hear 5 stars music surely to drive.
Feel music is staticcer, majority is about nature. Rain outside this morning, there is music in the car, feel the blundering purify in the heart a lot of. When blocking a car up, listen pretty good.

Say to be put in my CDM (one)

Chinese name: Best light music

English name: The Very Best Of Relaxing Classics

Electric mulish download: Http://www.verycd.com/topics/206629/


Special introduction:

German expert developed a series of special music that have medical treatment effect to supply the market, serve as auxiliary effective prescription with this according to telling many doctors, also appear to be the healthy recuperate orgnaization of the appeal with this on market, effective, because of the person different. Nevertheless at ordinary times because of working overfatigue, accidental occurrence spirit is nervous, not need oneself to frighten oneself! Manage to find time drop the job temporarily, loosen, look for some of light music to listen, slow and intense sentiment can be achieved like, the effect with new reply free from worry body and mind!

" The Very Best Of Relaxing Classics " , a Decca is new those who issue is miscellaneous bright and beautiful income of altogether of double CD collect the beautiful music that 33 people hear a person to love, it is from inside Decca catalog the outstanding recording that choose comes out is made, by home of subordinate and famous instrumental music, vocalist, name direct leads show of top-ranking level philharmonic society to include the lyric music of each type, composition weaves expended many idea, pretext hears remaining part music of a few hours, also won't have drab and depressing feeling!

What choose composition plan to have: Bach " ballad " (adapt written guarantee from cantata his solo) , the piano essay that Beethoven child also likes sound " to Alice " , Chaikefusiji must come from travel ground the beautiful violin music that inspiration writes " melody " , Laweier. Above just is the music eye in the first piece of CD, visible content how rich and colorful!

The music that the 2nd piece of CD collects can make a person infatuate likewise:

Violin great musical composition of Aierjia " the ceremony assist of love " , the cello music with holy immortal mulberry " swan " , xiao country is the most beautiful one of nocturne " fall E attune, work of 9 2 " , of Mozart " D moves play You Qu " , not Lai " dream " , Beethoven " moon sonata " movement, Lubinsitan " F moves air " , Kelaisile.
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