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Liu Xiang Jing explodes look of tide worker attire is handsome and natural
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You had seen the Liu Xiang of athletic attire, also had seen the Liu Xiang of recreational attire, but I dare bet the Liu Xiang that you had not seen such attire certainly.

His head wears blue safety helmet, blind fold defends eye, looks those who resemble a certain lab jockey person, resemble big patting some science fiction it seems that again.

Someone says, this affirmation is not Liu Xiang. Just grew the star face of a piece of Liu Xiang. But I dare believe firmly, this goes up that in field of track and field namely be like,run the flying person Liu Xiang of wind.

Carry a variety of channel, I got the story of backside of this piece of photograph eventually.

Original, this is Liu Xiang drilled one case with Sun Jiao last year visiting Shanghai is general the picture that takes when the factory workshop that is located in Jin Qiao new plant area. At that time, liu Xiang to producing Kaidilake the automation water product line of CTS is interested very, he says jokingly, follow him hurdle race is same, get sth done without any letup.

It is after this before long, kaidilake the brand is formal hand in hand Liu Xiang, flying person of main support China achieves beautiful performance again on Beijing Olympic Games. Shanghai is general offer Kaidilakekaileide, SRX and CTS3 money car, what go back and forth between Education Foundation in Beijing, Shanghai as its is exclusive drive.

This year in May, liu Xiang is brand-new the TV ad that CTS films appears on Kaidilake formally screen. In advertisement, liu Xiang drives a red is brand-new CTS passes through an ice city, showed the perfect couple of speed and technology.

Liu Xiang is right brand-new Kaidilake of CTS have deep love for, and as general as Shanghai retentive good cooperation concerns, made the worker attire picture that Liu Xiang sees this piece inaccessibly.

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