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Day produces next year of energy-saving footplate technology to appear on the ma
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A small accelerator footplate, an information of how many car can you reflect? Be afraid must let you be envisaged hard more. Day produces a car to announced recently, had developed a kind to be able to change a car advocate the energy-saving footplate technology that trample accelerator is used to (Eco Pedal) . This one technology is to pass change car advocate thenar force is sent when stepping on next accelerator footplate, namely counterforce, will help driver control use the power of trample accelerator correctly, achieve the goal that saves 5%-10% oily cost finally, reduce carbon dioxide effectively to discharge.

Had this energy-saving footplate, car advocate can understand situation of oily bad news at any time through the display unit inside the car not only, the counterforce that still can use accelerator footplate is started assist driving system. Day produces a plan to begin to be in from next year new this system is assembled on the model that appear on the market.

  Conduct efficiency to calculate through engine and gear-box optimal oil bad news

Driving in the process, a lot of cars advocate often step on next accelerator unconsciously again, and it is normal that actually right now instant oily bad news had exceeded engine the oily waste time that rotate speed place needs, created fuel waste thereby. And day produces " energy-saving footplate technology " becoming in the light of research and development of this one circumstance.

Produce car personage introduction according to day, "Energy-saving footplate " the system can monitor current car to be below working state, suit strength of ground trample accelerator and engine most most the rotate speed of environmental protection. After enabling this one system, the footplate of car monitors a system to discover a car advocate driving when the action that there is fierce step on the gas in the process, can make accelerator footplate becomes automatically in a way is serious, transmit information of exceeding of step on the gas in time the car thereby advocate, in order to remind a car advocate ease throttle pressure, save oily cost thereby.

Occupy the introduction additionally, the system decides to whether need to raise accelerator footplate counterforce, it is according to the conduction of motor fuel efficiency and automatic gear-box efficiency comes calculative. System of energy-saving footplate technology still can pass appearance to the color of the indicator light on dial changes and twinkle, communicate fuel wear out condition the driver ahead of schedule. Use convey the feeling that touchs sole and direct visual sense two kinds of ways, this one system can be a car advocate efficient drive offer additional support.

Install this one system on car but by the car advocate choose open by oneself or shut, be not the device that is a kind of requisition, but day produces technical personage to pass actual measurement, below urban operating mode, energy-saving footplate system can help really car advocate change a few drive undesirably habit.
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