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Output grows - sales volume glides to took the business analysis that use a car
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Take place of couplet of information of the market that use a car according to the whole nation the data of meeting statistic shows, rise continuously in oil price the stock market takes low case, consumer holds money to wait for bought case to grow in intensity, below the circumstance that glides continuously in car sales volume, home is multiplied also show next slippery trends compared to the same period in the crop July and sales volume with the car, and annulus glides than presenting whole.

July 2008, home multiplies tot of the crop that use a car 524, 948, grew 10.8% compared to the same period. However, with by be in with the car 588 June, 850 total output photograph is compared dropped 10.9% . Among them, sales volume is 10, 067 MPV model, annulus comparing drops 22.9% , made the model that crop annulus was compared in July 2008 and shows downtrend compared to the same period.

By in July with the car countrywide sales volume is 463, 010, grew 3.2% only compared to the same period, annulus comparing dropped 11.5% . Among them, 338, 410 sales volume makes car as before occupational the head of a list of names posted up that takes the sales volume that use a car, but than June sales volume dropped 9.6% . And the sales volume of SUV model grew 33.3% compared to the same period for 34, 283, but also dropped than June 10% .

Before 3 when narrow sense multiplied home to produce seniority of business sales volume with the car July as before by Shanghai masses, Shanghai general carry off with one steam masses. Two joint ventureses that come from Shanghai - Shanghai masses and Shanghai are general, carried off the narrow sense July takes the name that produces runner-up of coronal of seniority of business sales volume with the car, one steam masses ranks with 35085 sales volume 3. The most conspicuous in the seniority July 2008 is this Guangzhou cropland, the sell like hot cakes that depends on the 8th acting elegant cabinet the achievement with 30148, before impact narrow sense multiplies what produce seniority of business sales volume with the car 5 inside.

Go up steam is general 5 water chestnut 41242 sales volume, the production that use a car is taken in broad sense business precedes all the way in the sales volume seniority July 2008, with very preponderance occupational position of sales volume first. With seniority photograph is compared last month, the manufacturing business in appearing in before 4 8 years in July has no a change, and of Beijing contemporary achievement glide somewhat, rank broad sense to multiply the 9th when produce seniority of business sales volume with the car.
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