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Scrutiny is luxurious tiger of SUV work way - pull get the better of solution of
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Be known as global SUV the Lu Hu of the first brand, was born at England 1947, already early or late 4 by certificate of British royalty honor. As top class and cross-country car of Lu Hu, pull get the better of a model to be defined to be a top class and perfect SUV. Accuse the drill of the car expression, Shu Yi first drive by the experience, and incomparable 4 drive are cross-country ability is perfect and shirt-sleeve. Below we with consumer people what see this model together is truckload quality how.

One, exterior part

Pull getting the better of model and car of other road tiger is to continueing straightforward headlight design, ling Jiying Lun Hao strides simple sense be able to inheritance, fasten similar do manual work and juncture part with European car, showed it is young lady of charming of challenger and rather than. The juncture that headlight bottom and ongoing gas grille discover only after scrutiny relatively elsewhere more apparent.

Turn to hind, continued truckload the taillight that bold and unconstrained feels character is circumjacent, also see likewise even juncture, plastic nevertheless the juncture that is in with metallic joint is even, also proved the rigorous charge for the making of sth. of whole vehicle.

To assure eye shot of good drive a vehicle, should use larger size rain to brush, but the rain do not have bone that on this model we did not see nowadays is popular is brushed, however as before vintage framework rain brushs continue to use.

Wheel part uses hub of large size alloy, medicinal powder hot property gets ensuring. Deserve to will offer better road surface response with high-powered wide embryo.

Mothball box open is simple, kiss electromagnetism key-press can arrange slippery open, effect of strut bar of two side hydraulic pressure is not little.

Open Lu Hu - pull get the better of engine to build, internal composition is orderly it is thus clear that, area of sound insulation cotton is larger enclothe almost whole before the lid is in-house. Engine is reached inside cabin hind and visible material of much place fire prevention assures internal security.

2, door part

Door open is relaxed, opening angle is convenient the person that drive fluctuates. Pull the pull rod wrench that uses rigid plastics to be able to arrange slippery open door, whole process does not have any abnormal knocking.
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