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History of taxi of trilogy string Beijing
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"Urban calling card " -- taxi, make car group again nowadays a focus, wear because of market share correlation not only the interest of those manufacturers, and the drawing near as the Olympic Games, the taxi also matters to the whole of urban image to shape an issue, from maize face to red small car, the history of Beijing taxi is not " change " word Oh.  

The taxi chooses excellent point to comment on  

During the National Day, "Capital taxi hero " new model informal discussion is held in northward car macrocosm. Dragon of iron of snow of the delegate ginseng that comes from Beijing taxi industry and Shanghai masses, east wind, Beijing is contemporary, go up steam is strange luck business of 4 old automobile factories, the meaning that with respect to future new taxi has the characteristic that chooses a model and taxi industry are built to the city spread out to discuss.  

On new car informal discussion, come from a capital of each big cab company " capital taxi hero " people express in succession, from the point of the individual's angle, operation cost just is the most crucial. With the Xiali of old money, Fu Kang taxi photograph is compared, new-style taxi is in oily bad news, hold accuse, a few respects such as wear-resisting damage level and maintenance whether more get the better of one prepare the central point that makes attention of driver of a lot of taxi. Like the concern of most common people, "Those who change a model to bring is tall collect fees " became the sore point with the biggest taxi driver. The mothball compartment that the problem of a when everybody puts forward more general care is new car wants enough big, OK and convenient tourist installs baggage.  

Car company cares most can deny  of pitch on 

China north sells Shanghai public Wu Xianmin of service center general manager:  

Sang Dana -- improve 100 times reveal  of high grade 

Can enter Beijing taxi market more it is a kind of honor is mixed approbate. Sang Dana 3000 taxis are in Sangdana the brand-new and rental special model that after undertaking be improvemented hundreds times on the foundation of 2000 taxis, rolls out, the price also compares Sangdana 2000 petty gain, but quality is insusceptible, gadgety occurrence problem also can send even if to Germany to detect.  

Business affairs of Beijing of dragon of iron of east wind snow is presiding party of delegate Lu Wei:  

Ailishe VIP --  of  of clingy market of high-energy environmental protection

For the taxi that runs to excess load, have high quality engine to be weighed particularly should. Ailishe although VIP has 1 only. 6 litres platoon is measured, but power is more than however 1. 8 litres discharge the model of the quantity. The oil of 100 kilometers bad news of VIP measures Ailishe (H of 90 KM / ) for 6. 1 litre. And we are right still the taxi executes Xue Tielong 6 times to maintain freely, can save 1000 multivariate money. Ailishe of VIP exceed big boot and those who reach 11 point is muti_function store substance style also is one of window.  
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