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"Luck of Chinese triumphant beauty " Biyadi F6 is solved with car cost detailed
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Having " luck of Chinese triumphant beauty " since F6 appears on the market, the Biyadi that say is paid close attention to with all possible means, sales volume also is to be climbed successively tall, as F6 car advocate grow in quantity, upkeep costs also delivers fetching attention more. The cost using a car that often says includes to buy a car cost and use cost, use cost to include again among them: Expenses of expenses of danger of fare of royalities of boat of cost of fuel expenses, maintain a road, car, check, car, maintenance, extra pay. With respect to this two respects, we see this " luck of Chinese triumphant beauty " expression how.

Place of the cost that buy a car wants a consideration:

"Sexual price is compared " -- actually spoken parts in an opera is substantial, astute consumer wants to buy the goods of higher value with inferior value. The car already transformed to common consumable from luxury nowadays, become the equipment of daily life. At this moment the factor that sexual price considers than becoming consumer to buy car key.

Biyadi has public praise in this respect element, f3 Ceng Ping lends his atmospheric exterior, steady performance and the value that one's mind disturbed, lunar sales volume is maintained in 10 thousand above; The F6 that appears on the market this year still holds to tall sex price to compare a course, this is having " luck of Chinese triumphant beauty " in saying advanced car, price is in surely 8.98, one hundred and fifty-nine thousand eight hundred, with " triumphant triumphant overflow is mensurable " regard killer as mace, market performance advances triumphantly all the way.

Use cost place wants a consideration:

In use cost cost, raising fare of royalities of boat of travelling expenses, car, check is fixed, difference depends on danger of fuel expenses, car (choose because of the person different, rate of cost of different insurance company is different also) with upkeep cost, if car advocate maintain regularly in 4S inn all the time, maintain cost also basically is fixed, still include hairdressing additionally adornment is expended and other cannot foreknow charge (if stop fare, accident upkeep and traffic fine,wait)

Our calculative cost includes:

Royalities of boat of car of cost of maintain a road of expenses of fuel of = of the charge that use a car maintenance expends car danger extra pay expenses, it is with the F6 of 2.4L below exemple:

1, fuel expenses: Say to coming with car cost, fuel expenses is the mainest expenditure, so oily bad news is the main factor that car cost on any account uses after mattering to.

Manufacturer offers in integrated road besides the average oil bad news below is 6.9L/100km, fuel price presses 93 benzine plan, about 5.34 yuan / rise. Year × of 100 kilometers oily bad news lights 100 × of ÷ of average travel course of development =20000 of oil price case ÷ 100 × 6.9 × 5.34=7370 yuan; And in be being investigated, f6 car advocate gave height generally the opinion to oily bad news, with with scale model comparative advantage is highlighted particularly.

2, cost of maintain a road: Each district rate is different, it is with 1320 yuan plan;

3, car boat royalities: After implementing new standard, this tax cost rises 480 yuan;

4, safe: Car danger with new car fully comprehensive insurance plan (be sure to be exemple) in safety with China, include to make narrow pass of strong danger, responsibility of a third party (100 thousand) , rush to deal with an emergency of pilfer of car loss danger, whole vehicle, glass is alone and broken danger of responsibility of the personnel on danger of loss of danger, spontaneous combustion, car, not plan danger of the loss that avoid compensate, the insurance cost of car is 4632 yuan about.

5, run one year suppose 20 thousand kilometer, manufacturer stipulates every 5000 kilometers maintain, need one year to do maintain 4 times. Because of district difference, beforehand the upkeep cost of appraise F6 cardinal principle, first time convention maintains (change only filter of engine oil machine, head protect free) charge is controlled for 200 yuan. Also be 200 yuan are controlled the 2nd euqally, the 3rd times convention maintains (change empty filter of filter of engine oil machine) 320 yuan, the 4th times groovy upkeep cost is controlled for 200 yuan, this is adscititious go up to change regularly brake is oily, gear-box oil, so average one year upkeep cost expenditure is 1300 yuan about.

Expenses of 6. extra pay, this one part is uncertain normally, for instance because disobey the amerce of pay of traffic regulation place, the range of claim for compensation that the freeway did not involve through cost, insurance a few not the defray of prescient sex, and cost more and more jockeying cost, this part because of the person different, of short duration not plan into.

Integrated above charge, it is one year with car cost: Duty of boat of car of cost of maintain a road of danger of fuel expenses car maintains cost =7370 1320 480 4632 1300=15102 yuan.

Of course this is only roughly cost amount, will integratedly look, the mainest difference depends on oily bad news and upkeep cost, this respect, the oily bad news of the 2.4L of F6 behaves Biyadi excellent, increase upkeep cost far under a few joint-stock brands, so F6 reflects an absolutely dominant position on use cost, as a whole, the tall sex price when buying a car uses the tall sex price that go up to compare than be being added, ability wins the welcome of the market and consumer finally.

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