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Touch with all possible means interest thunder overcomes Sa Sigao layer " retire
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Recently, about abundant cropland car (China) investment limited company is in charge of Leikesasi the Ceng Lintang vise general manager of business will ' retired all corners of the country ' the message is rife inside car line of business. For this, leikesasi released the government to state designedly, say about " Feng Tian car (China) investment limited company is in charge of Leikesasi the Ceng Lintang vise general manager of business general ' retired all corners of the country ' " and " Leikesasi is in future Chinese business, the message is not belonged to solid.

However, such incident are in automobile industry does not see more, release official statement to clarify especially. And the near future report about Leikesasi besides " human affairs is adjusted " besides, electromechanical of Department of Commerce does those who suspended automatic import licence of Leikesasi explain get, had let Leikesasi make the central point of the industry, after all this also can is in car line of business first, this matter is caused as it is said, this can'ts help letting a person feel astonish, agency and manufacturer should stand on an alignment originally. "Human affairs is adjusted " incident, automatic import licence explain the interior that gets the happening of incident to be able to see Leikesasi is existing problem, final spearhead points to Leikesasi continuously " palm door person " - Ceng Lintang. And the backside of incident, it is to result from Leikesasi to touch with all possible means the consequence that the interest causes.

One, boycott Leikesasi homebred, move profit of cropland of abundant of north and south

Nearly two years, wait for day to fasten a competitor than eulogize, Yingfeinidi, leikesasi is in China the business swift and violent development of the market, the sales volume amplitude 2007 exceeds 100% , now year 1-5 month as we have learned volume of the card on Leikesasi's model is 13 thousand, with this computative Leikesasi's sales volume will exceed 30 thousand 2008. Before long, responsible Leikesasi the Feng Tian of the project (China) Ceng Lintang of vise general manager of investment limited company is being accepted when interviewing, express, leikesasi can consider when Chinese sales volume achieves 30 thousand homebred. And present fact is, homebred thing is not any more it seems that in Leikesasi's program, be full of the Tian Ye of abundant of north and south that expect can stealthily " weep " .

With Kaimeirui in all the Leikesasi of platform ES

Leikesasi ES and Feng Tiankai beautiful luck are common platform, leikesasi GS criterion and abundant cropland imperial crown are common platform, degree is shared in dynamical assembly respect and homebred abundant cropland very tall, can say cropland of abundant of north and south has Leikesasi's homebred hardware requirement, just because model of Guangzhou abundant cropland is less, make them right Leikesasi model more expect, especially at present Kaimeirui already endured more and more challenges, and may be in at the outset the Hanlanda with wide homebred abundant, also as SUV market low confuse homebred possibility smaller and smaller. Pressing hope has the Guangzhou abundant field below such states new model put into production. What form bright contrast with the partner's expectation is, leikesasi is facing the high profit of the entrance, had raised homebred issue no longer, and be in extend Leikesasi to sell a network gradually, so that win bigger get one's own back, such doing harmed a partner not only - cropland of abundant of north and south, at the same time too fast network is extended also harmed fall for Leikesasili " battle achievement " inchoate agency.
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