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Seize gold! Win-win 2008 one steam - masses Olympic Games is gigantic display en
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Recently, regard the car of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as the partner, one steam - the masses was rolled out " share an Olympic Games enchanted 8.8 fold " the activity that buy a car, this the activity comes from August 8 on August 24, treasure will be fastened completely 8.8 fold buy a car, fast vacate 1.6, 2 series privilege 8% , stride vacate series to send the bag of Olympic Games ceremony that cash adds 8800 yuan 8800 yuan to wait, this is one steam - what month of masses Olympic Games rolls out in Xiamen is gigantic a sales promotion activity.

The win-win that seize gold 2008

During the Olympic Games, chinese team every carry off a gold, be filled with numerous car immediateness to roll out fast vacate 1.6AT popular model---Car of Olympic Games gold: Special offer 8.8 fold. Grasp an opportunity, arrive to be gotten first first! Fast vacate the model of sell like hot cakes that serves as Xiamen, sale result is satisfactory in July, fast vacate carry off with 83 Xiamen is intermediate runner-up of car sales volume. The high quality, high security that depends on heart department, high-tech, high-powered, fast vacate what intermediate car makes after appearing on the market to get army person. 2008 during Beijing Olympic Games, fast vacating still is relay of Olympic Games torch official government uses a car.

Two handcart displacement is stridden vacate or fast rise old car rise in value 15000 yuan

During the Olympic Games, one steam - masses Xiamen is filled with numerous push two handcart displacement to stride vacate, fast vacate can obtain old car rise in value 15000 yuan activity, the two handcart nimble that is like Mr Li amounts to market price 80 thousand, in displacement new Chemai is vacated or fast when vacating, two handcart market price is 90 thousand 15 thousand =10.5 10 thousand, province of displacement new car lays a large sum of expense. Introduce according to be filled with numerous car, this second activity is held during the Olympic Games only, accordingly, have two handcart displacement new Che Maiteng or fast the client that vacate needs to make the best of time. Be filled with numerous car to be offerred for consumer " two handcart evaluate major " and one-stop convenient displacement serves.

Be filled with inn of the 4S before numerous car hall: 6025588 Jin Shang inn: 2195588

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