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Art pursuit -- try drive Si Ke to amount to fast clique
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Car line of business is very exquisite " craft " 2 words, "Art " for perfect highest state, "Labour " it is to achieve " art " way. Although craft the use of one word has known its original idea as a result of too extensive and very few somebody, but I am willing to describe new generation Si Ke to amount to fast clique with this word more (Superb) , perhaps use further " craft is masterly " will describe, of course this has among them many art composition.
On May 22, si Ke amounted to reporter of constituent whole world to hold large test-drive activity in Austria, in the activity revealed Si Ke adequately to amount to new generation fast clique (Superb) glamour.
Exalted the union with real gone beauty
The marrow that the car designs depends on letting consumer produce content to exceed the feeling of a value, new generation fast clique (Superb) accomplished this a little bit, car of class of a B accomplished the C class car, feeling that exceeds C class car even, this is commendable really.
Sit into back row, you can find C class vehicle, of car of higher even level experience. This kind is experienced come from dimensional feeling above all, it is OK to discharge a space to arrive greatly ever since fiddle, this is other with level car place hard look forward to reachs. Next, should lean comfortably in the sweep on back row seat all around when, you can feel the head is near C column, feeling letting a person is very safe, dot and this guest benefit are a little similar. It is the air conditioning system that back row has independence again, have intermediate armrest, feeling letting a person is very cozy. When new generation fast clique (Superb) when travel of the high speed on road of S form hill, the person that back row is taken does not feel very big list feels, this is the quality with luxurious car particular place, this and a few luxurious cars that can show its level with automobile body dimension and dermal seat formed bright contrast.
If if you notice the aperture of automobile body, you can discover new generation fast clique (Superb) the car that is deliberate of a withstand. In high speed travel, you do not hear rumor almost, new generation fast clique (Superb) sealing sees one spot. This also is the one big characteristic that distinguishs Yu Jing to contend for adversary.
The design of car head is very interesting, line of on machine lid two ridgy develops forward grille continuously, with before grille is linked together to the foul line of intermediate bring together, form a forward arrowhead, this let a person remember Si Ke amounts to the arrowhead in car mark -- delegate speed. And the meaning of speed was not on lumbar line undertake aggrandizement, used very light delay however before strong line, give a person sedate atmospheric sense. Emphasizing luxurious sex while, stylist increased the bumper after door arrived once upon a time prevent brush, avoided the door inside the parking lot effectively to collide to give new generation possibly fast group (Superb) brought harm, enhanced the integral sense on the vision at the same time.
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