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Heart of the attune on the big tax that discharge an amount is 3 old luxurious b
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Big volume since September 1 will rise by the consumption tax that use a car, capacity comes 4 litres in 3 litres of above (contain 4 litres of) , tax rate by 15% on move to 25% , and capacity is in of 4 litres of above by with the car, tax rate by 20% on move to 40% . Discharge those who estimate consumption tax to increase will bigger to generation of luxurious brand market impact greatly, among them heart department 3 old brands held luxurious brand half of country again, run quickly, the market structure of BMW and Ao Di will appear adjust.

One, run quickly the many level such as S of market of rely heavily on sb's service is great quantity will suffer inflict heavy losses on

Run quickly be in China the brunt model of the sale slants to be measured at big again, ran quickly to achieve 18000 in Chinese sales volume first half of the year 2008, run quickly among them work off of car of S class admiral 6800, continue to get run home is top class and luxurious car fractionize market. And platoon quantity is as high as 3.5 with 5 run quickly model of across of R class multipurpose also obtains the sales volume amplitude of 160% . And of market of main attack business affairs homebred run quickly integral sales volume is new E class only first half of the year more than 4400, what be located in family expenses market surely is homebred run quickly the carelessly of awkward outstanding achievement that new C class is not worth 1600 finally with sales volume of half an year receives an official.

Run quickly the salesperson discloses 4S inn, although homebred run quickly with the entrance and net sale, but sales volume and profit still basically rely on the big platoon such as series of S class, ML and G series to measure entrance model, homebred model sales volume holds very small proportion only. With running quickly model of new S class is exemple, the platoon measures those who be 3 litres to run quickly S300 serves as run quickly admiral introduction model did not get of consumer chase after hold in both hands, still have the privilege that buys a car to send fully comprehensive insurance instead, and of big quantity run quickly S500 and run quickly S600 is popular all the time however. This shows, run quickly to basically rely on big quantity to import a model in integral sales volume of China, discharge those who estimate consumption tax to be about to go up greatly so tone will produce bigger effect to running quickly.

2, market of BMW main attack is small quantity is homebred the car is benefited SUV is stricken

BMW is in 8 years first half of the year in all to new car of domestic customer pay 28766, among them with BMW 7 departments add up to for entrance model of the representing 12570, and homebred BMW is new 3 departments and new the total sales volume of 5 departments model is as high as 16196, hold the half above of total sales volume. Among them BMW is new result of it may be said of model of 5 departments introduction cannot be done not have, its sales volume exceeded 9000 first half of the year. Can see from this, the homebred BMW that embarking 2.0-3.0 rises the little engine that discharge an amount is new 3 departments and new the brunt position that 5 departments model is holding BMW sales volume. And homebred the actual platoon quantity of 530 is the top model discharging an amount of 5 departments 2996 milliliter, also adjusting range inside.
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