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Galaxy assemble is about to appear on the market many new car judges a dot to re
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Fire of no less than of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is like a bitter edible plant undertaking, the athletic good athlete of the whole world people gather together hereat. And the sports good athlete of our country people also go all out in work ceaselessly in the domain in oneself, to carry off a gold gives oneself motherland and proud. In the near future nevertheless new car will be like emerge to appear euqally, there is what new car after I sum up an Olympic Games for friends below meeting lightning appears on the market.

● power annals

Embarking hand from gear-box of an organic whole

Appear on the market time: 8, in September

The price guesses: 5.5, 70 thousand yuan

Recommend an index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Window: The abidance as oil price is rising, and " green Olympic Games " the thorough popular feeling that waits for catchword, the small car that discharge an amount will suffer the attention of more and more consumer. The AMT transmission that this car took new generation this is this product is improved of recent, improve this putting forward in the market first is to be in when racing bicycle of farad benefit 355 F1 appeared on the market 1997, this product after improving on function rise can use " swift and violent " will describe. Second half of the year, 09 power annals appear on the market. Can't help also letting us be full of expect.

● Biyadi FO

Appear on the market time: In September

The price guesses: 4.5, 60 thousand yuan

Recommend an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Window: Overall and character, the sedan of second half of the year is basic with energy-saving the exterior design that decreases vogue of cruel of platoon, dazzle is nodded to sell, new car fastens mark to match safety belt completely was not acousto-optic remind a system, prevent the air inside the rearview mirror inside bewildered, air conditioning, car to purify system and fluctuation the configuration such as adjustable type steering wheel, ABS EBD.

● Xin Baolai

Appear on the market time: 9, in October

The price guesses: 10, 140 thousand yuan

Recommend an index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Window: Look from the appearance, xin Baolai maintained German popular style, blended in numerous typical China element at the same time. The face introduces German popular U model before, chinese element " dance lion " bold blend in, enjoy with brand-new vision to the person. The transmission of MT is very good also with, the hand that the most praiseworthy is AT6S is automatic transmission of an organic whole, first-rate with. Engine air officer also comparatives smooth-going, suspension does not have what jolt to feel almost in bumpy road surface, we are very big to Xin Baolai's expectation, hope its appear on the market not to make us disappointed.
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