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Biyadi F3 falls again city of 10 thousand yuan of cars or will greet depreciate
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The graph is Biyadi F3 exterior picture

Own brand start shooting car city " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the starting gun of price war. This Zhou San, biyadi the car takes the lead in announcing, the banner issues brunt model F3

Predict inside course of study, afterwards Biyadi after F3, surprise luck

Anticipate in the market general below not hopeful circumstance, manufacturer of each big main trend will happen to coincide the ground depreciates save oneself. And the intermediate car with intense competition and in advanced car will be next depreciate " heavy disaster area " .

The graph is Biyadi F3 model price adjusts form.

Biyadi takes the lead in " rise in revolt "

On August 20, the car starts Biyadi the name is " gold offensive " autumn sale big fight, execute price privilege to the F3 model of partial sell like hot cakes. Among them, f31.8L is exalted model market price falls by 95800 original yuan reach 85800 yuan, fall amount to 10 thousand yuan; F3 platinum edition is practical model price also falls from 59800 original yuan reach 56800 yuan, fall amount to 3000 yuan. And edition of platinum of the F3 in F3 series model is luxurious model, not be inside this favourable limits.

In fact, as " Jin Jiuyin 10 " arrival, industry is in wait-and-see, who will make the first depreciating model. And Biyadi F3 takes the lead in depreciating, this how many beyond the expect inside course of study. After all, this car sales volume all the time relatively smooth, nonexistent too big live pressure. As we have learned, f3 becomes Biyadi even in own brand exclusive the model of before an ascend body was sold in July 10.

Additional, xia Zhibing of general manager of car sale company weighs Biyadi, cost rises pressure is comparative inferior enlighten, experiencing still is not apparent. The steam in occupying assist statistic, total of car implementation profit grows Biyadi compared to the same period first half of the year 138.87% , growth is driving, before be located in home 3. Accordingly, be in at present by cost pressure in suffocative car city, biyadi F3 depreciates to appear more active, also more know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry.

Who will be follow-up person

Biyadi F3 is active " rise in revolt " , who will be next follow-up person? Very apparent, strange luck A5

This Biyadi after F3 depreciates, minimum price is fifty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, relatively afore-mentioned 3 big rival are cheap 3000 yuan, had made model of lowest of the price in intermediate car. Accordingly, lucky star of sea of nimble of fine horse of strange luck A5, China morning, sea horse will be probable continue lowest price to reduce reach fifty-six thousand eight hundred yuan.
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