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Changjiang Delta the old song with abstruse develop classical inheritance
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Either every song is OK prolonged is passed sing, that is only classical old song, in full classics the hardships of a journey or of one's life of the world, fall full the dust moment of years, ring in side side when familiar air, your feeling, your finger, your footstep, chase after not can self-consciously as these old songs, go angle those dusty pasts. Days is on the move, in the hour of suddenly turn one's head, the air in the bottom of the heart is in again casual since the noise.

This is the glamour of old song, it is the sensation in built-in life and force. Like abstruse develop car, the far-reaching model inside limits of this one alive bound, there is one to plant in the heart of Chinese common people forever also the does not go complex of brandish.

When instantly in the wagon flow that you are gallopping, look for arrives that exterior is deft, when the small litter with careful do manual work, you can think of abstruse develop naturally (parameter configuration quote comments on) , she is so small and exquisite, be just as content to let a person fondle admiringly commonly. She sails all the way come, showing dazzling ray, will natural, fluent, moved feeling beauty to be developed extremely to.

Abstruse develop, this prolonged passes sung old song, this is opposite for car fan, very familiar mini car, encounter accidentally in flourishing city when you when, she likes a lady, there is gent between gentle and graceful form instantly people look, especially she that follow the development of interior to miniature car space, add its the structure is compact, hold accuse agile, the character with oily low cost, it is to make gens love a car enchanted and extraordinary more. Driving her, it is the beginning of a kind of happy life, she accompanies you, hold the post of north of You Tianna ground, waste of land old sky. Abstruse develop, what had made a period is indicative, graven, cannot replace.

Rambling street, our discovery also won't have a car to be able to resemble abstruse develop again in that way dictate is worn a times, but no matter how current car city is Protean, no matter car city has a few new models,also appear, abstruse develop, still with its distinctive exterior, mature character, attracting the car fan of different estate. Abstruse develop, with respect to old like song, inheritance is classical.

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