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Car city is entered off-season, oil price rises ceaselessly, more and more consumer begin to pay close attention to the cost that use a car with long-term view. Mix although be first-rate choice,use dynamic model, but relative to higher price, let average consumer be accepted hard temporarily. And at present the model of on the market 150 thousand yuan of prices covered 1.4L to discharge an amount to 2.0L, become gradually most the intermediate car battlefield of the mainstream. The model of this interval is in comfortable, safe, beautiful all have very strong competition ability with high-powered respect, even a few models still are hit " B class car is enjoyed, price of class A car " fascia. More and more consumer consider vehicle safety performance above all when buying a car nowadays, so go up in the interval of 150 thousand yuan of prices with intense competition, which model can turn up his nose at on safety performance a large number of heroes?

Both sides is beautiful 307

Both sides is beautiful 307

Recommend a model: 2.0L is automatic refined

The price: One hundred and fifty thousand eight hundred yuan

Safe star class: ★ ★ ★

East wind is beautiful 307 it is a highly competitive model in family expenses model. Active and safe respect, continue 307 cars are inherent " skeletal " structure, 307 both sides also used integral steel to wear " basket type " automobile body structure. In the center of around carling, two side pillar of doorpost, front door and A column all use board of high strenth HLE, the beam before using what high strenth steeliness becomes and automobile body carling are passed suck can body is linked together. Still provided rich life additionally newest the ABS(of 8.1 version is prevented hold dead system) in the arms, the decelerate that allows in order to ensure in all sorts of road surface the apply the brake below adherent state has essence of life, stability and directional.

The respect is configured in safety, beautiful ease of 2.0L of 307 both sides is sent edition deployed side gasbag amiable shade, but delicate edition and refined edition can be chosen outfit. The sign that the media before this reports generally distributes ESP system, not was in beautiful appear on all models of 307 both sides, distribute a model in 2.0L top only- - " ease is sent edition " go up to just have equipment.

Rong Wei 550

Rong Wei 550

Recommend a model: 550D 1.8T tastes ease edition

The price: One hundred and fifty-two thousand eight hundred yuan

Safe star class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Active and safe respect, 550 whole departments deploy Rong Wei SCS6 system of active security of an organic whole, this " 6 an organic whole " the grade that can pass control engine torque, transmission and the force of apply the brake of each wheels, the oversteer of correction car or inadequacy change direction, skid in order to prevent a car, change direction excessive, turn to inadequacy and brake to be held in the arms dead. Passive security aspect, rong Wei used a foundation 550 times 5 astral collision standards of European, integrate structure of safe automobile body of the consolidate that actual accident produces state research and development and becomes USD(Ultimate Stiffness Design) . Prevent besides 4 bump into Liang Cai to use structure tubal account besides, still deserve to have the support of extra high strength, can rise greatly combat impact strength. Crucial position all uses laser beam welding to receive a technology, reduced spare parts amount, reduced automobile body weight, make fight collision function to rise greatly.
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