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See the prospective general trends of Kaidilakesaiwei and Ao Di A6 from aestheti
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The toppest car on the world designs a company -- the person of door of the 3rd acting palm with familial business of offer of interest of Italian Bin Ni law, year only Andeliya of car design Great Master • Bin Ni Falina, make a person feel regretful really. Many classical cars are designed, include farad benefit, Martha to pull model of part of the base of a fruit, the design firm of offer of interest of law of out Bin Ni even his own hand, of the giant star die, let these classical designs be recalled again, and the car is aesthetic itself, also become a popular topic again.

Should talk aesthetic, apparent and luxurious car has the data that can supply mastication more. And 4 of domestic luxurious brand old man: Run quickly, BMW, Kaidilake, Ao Di, on appearance design, have oneself bright distinguishing feature each just about. The nobility that run quickly is low-key, of BMW use feeling style, kaidilake's self-confidence flies upwards, of Ao Di middle and fruity, already became the consensus of people it seems that. But do not know everybody to have an attention, fine fine savour, on design style, this 4 everybody a group of things with common features in the concept that has two brands however can says bright contrast, that is Kaidilake and Ao Di.

Ao Di & confrontation beauty has Kaidilake to understand severally

Ao Di is the luxurious brand that enters Chinese market the earliest, will tell from sales volume, also be current till most successful luxurious brand, purchasing the official market using a car with huge amount, monopoly position can of Ao Di weighs indestructible, especially A6 model, the most wall country that sales volume of month of a luxurious brand opens Ao Di market, be put on global market to look also be a miracle. And can obtain such result, a main factor is it the design style of the collect inside middle and fruity, ability, wu of official personnel of our country of suit of as it happens begs low-key professional style. In deep tradition psychology and occupy first the double action of the acquired advantage of machine comes, ao Di's inchoate success is a times is inevitable.

And Kaidilake is another way completely, there is the aesthetic feeling of self-confidence and shock in vogue. The for use of an emperor that regards the United States as the president drive, the car of the youth's dream, the brand revealed Kaidilake the self-confidence of American type and air. With " art and science and technology " regard the Kaidilake that designs a concept as the model, each when the exterior designs little detail reveals the magical charm that gives art and union of photograph of science and technology adequately. And the SLS that regards business affairs admiral as the model the be a comprehensive expression of that contest power is this one style person, self-confidence flies upwards not to break the design style with composed air however, it is many cars advocate the main reason that falls in love at first sight to it!

Ao Di VS Kaidilake, who is to do tide
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