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Highest but hand of A5 of 14 thousand strange luck moves privilege to make work
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Editor of station of Chengdu of easy car network learns from field of the Chengdu City, represent A5 of model strange luck to mix motor vehicle to celebrate the class A below strange luck banner formal consign Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the carriage job that is Beijing Olympic Games serves, a5 of strange recently luck is rolled out highest the privilege that amounts to 14000 yuan, price of minimum of the A5 after privilege is only fifty-five thousand eight hundred. Valence comparing promoted the sex that lucky A5 surprises after indulgence a new height, believe this action will be amounted to to nimble, the its competition model such as Le Feng, F3, Hai Fuxing produces huge impact.

The strange luck A5 of new fund introduced strange luck the engine of ACTECO 1.6L series of own research and development. This engine uses structure of 4 crocks of 16 valve, double camshaft carrying buy on the head, be in 5800 80 kilowatt can burst forth when turning most high-power; In the 4300 the biggest torque that 147 oxen rice can burst forth when turning, rose power to exceed 50 kilowatt / litre. In the meantime, engine of ACTECO 1.6L series is in what accessory annulus department and tine take drive when the system all uses automatic Zhang Jin to design, 8 balances piece crankshaft design and optimize those who match turn round vibrating absorber union to use what reduced engine greatly to turn round shake noise. According to the test, this engine is in 90 kilometre / fast exercise condition issues the divide evenly of the hour, academic oil bad news is 5.2 litres only / 100 kilometers. Be worth what carry is, as a result of the fuel economy with this admirable engine, car plant already also signed Italy's famous Feiyate the agreement imports this engine to strange luck.

Strange luck A5 depreciates price of 11 thousand yuan of minimum fifty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan (graph)

The graph is strange luck A5

Regard own brand as the model " leader " , the killer mace with strange luck the biggest A5 or superhigh sex price are compared. Although the price is low, but what the charge for the making of sth. of strange luck A5 and configuration do not have a bit however is careless. Strange luck A5 deployed MP3 to input terminal, in front of driver side hand is moved 4 to adjust, the steering wheel of adjustable angle, ABS is prevented hold force of apply the brake of electron of dead brake system, EBD in the arms dispatching system close and practical design, configure partly among them be in only intermediate the ability on the car sees. Common saying says well: Be economical just is good sense, having good quality and configuration, the price is the same as grade model than joint-stock brand however low on not little strange luck A5 is the business affairs personage that is in a career to gain initial success a right choice.
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