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Limited company of car of Xiamen Shen Min
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Limited company of car of Fujian Xiamen Shen Min was taking blue print of his Na Hongwei to garrison in January 1993 our beautiful aigret island, register capital RMB: 21.73 million yuan are rectified, register management place: Date of 807-809 of road of Xiamen city fine standing grain, building gross area amounts to 12105 square metre.

"" of Shen Min car is head office of industry of sale of Shanghai masses car wholy-owned subsidiary, qualifications and record of service abundant, technology is mature, it is Xiamen area the earliest and exclusive Shanghai masses quaternity is concessionary agency, its business is covered truckload sale of sale, car maintenance, fittings and two handcart displacement, it is the forerunner of Xiamen automobile industry, ever obtained Xiamen area is only 2002 A kind people of Shanghai of agency, 2003 year is fine service business, in broad consumer higher opinion is enjoyed in the heart.

Come more than 10 years, "Shen Min car " thrive falls in the care of broad consumer and support, already developed now become Xiamen city to implement scale alone and the state-owned company that has local distinguishing feature. Engage by special arrangement of Xiamen of masses of Shanghai of company subordinate enterprise maintains a station, deserve to major of masses of a Shanghai maintains city of technical personnel team, Xiamen warehouse of the oldest car a replacement and complete car check line, introduce early or late " analyzer of 5 gas tail gas " , " full automatic refrigeration agent reclaims second birth is filled note machine " , " refrigeration agent differentiates appearance " , " detector of computer of VAS5051 of / of VAGl552 / VAS5052 " , " four-wheel fixed position " wait for advanced instrument, it is a technology banner, equipment is advanced, carry the business of attestation of IS0900l 2000 edition.

"Shen Min car " act on " let an user be at ease, make an user satisfactory " service tenet, provide professional service to the user, build perfect user archives to undertake dogging regularly, solve the difficulty miscellaneous disease of the user in time, let an user be bought so that be at ease, use so that set one's mind at.

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