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Head pay need more than yuan 80 thousand to stride only vacate whole department
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Afterwards embarks 2 with 1.8TSI engine stride vacate appear on the market after releasing, one steam - masses head money " B " the admiral model that class Che Maiteng carries 2.0TSI engine at was being rolled out first half of the year this year again. Stride at present vacate whole department to amount to 8 models, price covers 19.28-27.98 10 thousand yuan between. So for the friend that buys this car to wanting, borrow money in installment or does entire section buy a car after all to want how to many ability cost to open it come home? Pass the full and accurate below analytic, let us understand the specific expenditure in buying a process actually together.

One, loan buys car head to pay need more than yuan 80 thousand only

Loan buys a car to be able to enjoy the fun that has a car ahead of schedule not only, and OK also and reasonable have enough to meet need has fund. Current, consumer loan is bought stride vacate a model, can pass one steam - him masses financial firm or other commercial bank undertake mortgaging. With price one hundred and ninety-two thousand eight hundred yuan stride the bank that vacates introductory class model to mortgage for exemple, you are highest and OK enjoy 70% , 3 years mortgage (officeholder, teacher can amount to 5 years of) , such word buys a Fu Jia of this car to go up to purchase the cost amount such as duty, insurance accordingly to be controlled in 83 thousand yuan roughly.

Same with price one hundred and ninety-two thousand eight hundred yuan stride vacate 2 hands to move block a model to be exemple, although 3 years period the month of loan is offerred it is 4392 yuan, but total interest of 3 years is controlled for 23 thousand yuan only. And 5 years period the month of loan is offerred it is 2923 yuan, relatively 3 years period month is offerred little more than 1000 yuan, but 5 years period total interest is as high as 40 thousand yuan or so however. If be in,attune of state bank orgnaization ceases, amount of so final accrual still will increase somewhat.

2, entire section buys car lowest to need altogether two hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred yuan

Entire section is bought stride vacate a model, suit to have more enough buy a car estimated consumer. When buying a car you pay a car price besides need beyond, when still having a few big projects, must want to pay. The place in form of face of exemple as above is enumerated, norm having firm spends car purchases royalities of boat of cost of compulsory insurance of duty, traffic, maintain a road, car. And those who need you to notice is him basis the use circumstance to car, the commercial risk that you can choose different sort serves as auxiliary, choose fully comprehensive insurance for example, 3 advocate danger, 4 advocate danger; And in take time of pay maintain a road you are OK also according to the month / quarter / year means pay, the expenditure of the add up to after because this is in,buying a car can have thousands of yuan difference.
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