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Wo Erwo S40 is privilege completely model of edition of 10 thousand set limit to
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The model of Wo Erwo S40 with Beijing medium recently field had new change on the price. Through be in Beijing the inn of Wo Erwo 4S of the area is in understanding, buy the cash privilege that fastens 3 S40 model to be able to obtain 10 thousand yuan completely now. And before roll out for some time receive model of abstruse edition S40, because the price provides allure extremely,had sold one sky now. Material detailed information is as follows:

Occupy the salesperson of inn of Wo Erwo 4S to divulge, color of model of carry out of each inn place is at present more complete, can satisfy the need buying a car of consumer at any time. On the price, whole department all 3 models all can give out the cash that is as high as 10 thousand yuan is favourable, additionally partial businessman still can buy car hind to offer value in consumer the consumption inside 5000 yuan inn gets stuck, can use at be being consumed inside upkeep cost and inn in the future to use. Additional about receiving the S40 model of edition of abstruse set limit to, dealer shows relatively regretful, as a result of its the price of 250 thousand has allure quite, each inn has made work now empty.

Modelling of head of Wo Erwo S40 accedes more faultlessly to familial feature, quadrate headlight used the design of black bottom line. Arrange slippery line from car head outspread all the time the car end to polygon, can let a person from the appearance of taillight only in night easy to do from the make out in wagon flow it. Stage of brand-new suspension type appearance is frivolous and fashionable, air conditioning system controls partition, complex key-press was not gone to by conformity on a function key. Wo Erwo stems from environmental protection to consider, avoided to use harmful to the person heavy metal data as far as possible when select material. Even if sit into inside brand-new S40 car, also won't smell intense pungent odour.

Interior trim of Wo Erwo S40

"Safe " let Wo Erwo car be famous in the whole world, wo Erwo S40 applied intelligence to drive information system (IDIS) , neck ministry protection system (WHIPS) , side strikes protection system (SIPS) and aerate shade (IC) wait for safe facilities, used a few new safe configuration and science and technology. Lock of gasbag of safety of passenger of in front of shuts switch, used new more intuitionistic man-machine to communicate an interface, ensure the seat of in front of that lays children seat won't have the safe gasbag of activation further, ensure when deputy driver's seat has adult to take, safe gasbag must put through at the same time. Wo Erwo S40 still installed automatic and dangerous caution light, once produce collision accident, either enrages bursa happening to blow up, it is dangerous that accident car can send signal to arrive caution light, let its begin to twinkle, with car decelerate maintains safe distance all round the warning.
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