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After two handcart are bought how reorganize and outfit
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As economy development and consumer buy the change of car consciousness, more and more consumer begin to choose two handcart to regard ride instead of walk as the tool. But, two handcart and new car photograph still have the characteristic of its oneself quite, especially after two handcart are bought how the knowledge that reorganize and outfit is lack of place of a lot of users, this often can build the misunderstanding of didymous car quality and wrong processing, cause needless trouble.

Establish two handcart archives and record afresh

Much is secondhand the car is recorded without complete maintenance, so car advocate should undertake car maintain afresh after buy, establish new record, the record has according to occurrence problem in use process, and the adjustment that has a part at any time and change. The referenced value that after having new record, car offers again can increase, belong to more rational two handcart trade and use an idea.

Less than of 70 thousand kilometer is secondhand plan of car reorganize and outfit

Inside the market everywhere uses 2-3 it is thus clear that the two handcart inside year, general travel course of development is in this kind of car in 70 thousand kilometer, lying better use phase. This kind of car still has good maintenance record commonly, outside after the proposal is bought, undertaking in the light of car convention maintains, the brake apply the brake that is aimed at car mainly, tire, change direction etc involve car to drive safe part undertakes checking, undertake changing below essential condition. Wait for partial nap in the light of the exterior, the proposal takes the small processing kind such as polishing more, avoid to use the means of new spray paint as far as possible, reduce the depreciation loss that sells again. This kind of reorganize and outfit often occupies two handcart to trade the 2%-4% left and right sides of the price.

70 thousand - 150 thousand kilometer is secondhand plan of car reorganize and outfit

The mainstream inside the market trades the use a particular year of two handcart is in 3-5 or so years, course of development of average and normal travel is in this kind of car 70 thousand - inside 150 thousand kilometer, comparatively the reorganize and outfit of these car needs opposite " professional " a few. Above all, all sorts of cop that involve car, liquid needs to undertake arrange and changing, especially when coil of line of leather belt, crock, ignition is waited a moment; Oil of engine oil, gear-box oil, gear oil, brake, turn to oil of the pump that help strength, antifreeze to wait to need to change appropriately; Next, use a component for a long time bearing, cistern, fan, ventilating duct to need to undertake arranging; Finally, involve car to use the part of security, brake system, tire, turn to the part such as pull rod to want to undertake canvass is mixed change, whether does the exterior undertake reorganize and outfit needs to decide according to the circumstance, but do not suggest truckload gush outfit. Regular price occupies afore-mentioned reorganize and outfit to trade to two handcart the 5%-10% of the price.
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